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Suffisant - Suffisant - ARC 2020, Insurances Part 2

(german below)About insurances, Part 2In the meantime, I have also received the report from eta glob. I have had to ask several times about my inquiry, and I think I can say today, that those Brookers have been holding me back rather than acting.Here is the result of my research, which will certainly not be complete, but we do not want to do the doctorate either!Accident insurance SwitzerlandSince I will continue to be registered with my home address in the municipality during my world around journey in Switzerland, an obligatory accident insurance is necessary. I have cancelled my accident insurance with AXA. From 1.9.2020, accident insurance will be included in my Atupri health insurance scheme. The costs for this additional insurance amount will be CHF 15.00 per month. That is almost. read more...


Suffisant - Suffisant - ARC 2020, Insurances Part I

(German below) The question of which insurances must be renewed, cancelled or changed during my round-the-world cruise will not be so easy. Health insurance and pensionAlmost every country requires a valid health insurance that is not only valid abroad, but also covers the return flight to the country of origin. Furthermore, hull and liability insurance must be adapted to the route, the amount in the event of damage must be increased, etc. First, it is necessary to check the existing insurances carefully and to check exactly what is covered or not. For example, my health insurance only covers the stay abroad for up to 3 months. After that, cases of illness are no longer covered. Further treatments are drastically shortened. You cannot cancel this health insurance unless you. read more...

Suffisant - ARC 2020, Outfit and changes on the yacht Suffisant
Suffisant - ARC 2020, Outfit and changes on the yacht Suffisant

Suffisant - ARC 2020, Outfit and changes on the yacht Suffisant

Today we start with the description of the yacht:Yacht Suffisant, Bénéteau Oceanis 331, ClipperThis type of sailing boat was built between 1999 – 2004. Three cabin version, V-berth plus port & starboard double aft cabins, all fitted with hanging storage, single head with hot and cold pumped fresh water, sea water pump + waste holding tank, approx. 70 L, electric shower drain pump.Galley equipped with 3 burner hob & gas oven, 12v fridge, stainless draining sink with hot & cold fresh water. Table and seating for dining.Heute beginnen wir mit der Beschreibung der Yacht:Yacht Suffisant, Bénéteau Oceanis 331, KlipperDieser Segelboottyp wurde zwischen 1999 - 2004 gebaut. Dreikabinen-Version, V-Kojen plus Doppel-Achterkabinen an Backbord & Steuerbord, Stauraum, heißem und. read more...


Suffisant - ARC 2020, Preparations and other things

(German below) Many things have to be clarified and prepared for a regatta with the ARC and a following sailing around the world. In my reports I would like to describe my preparations, about the yacht equipment, about me, about my crew. For 2020, I have set myself the goal of participating in the ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers) once again. Already in 2005, 2010, 2011 and 2012 I took part in this event, partly as crew member, partly as owner and skipper. The regatta, organized by the World Cruising Club, has a friendly character, was always carefully and super organized and its really impressed me. With my own sailing yacht VIA CON ME at that time, I had once finished 83rd and once 87th. Not bad for a short 12m yacht... Now in 2020 I start with a smaller yacht (only 10 m), with my. read more...