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Jubilate Mare - The Gap is Closing!

Good morning my trusty followers. We now have less than 600 nm to run and our rainbow cruising chute is keeping us going, albeit at a slower speed than we would like. Weather information suggests that the winds should be picking up, so we are keeping fingers and toes crossed!
Pete has a cinnamon, raisin and cranberry loaf baking for breakfast and yesterday he made a fantastic French onion soup for supper. The crew did a great job on menu planning and provisioning. We continue to eat very well and wont be going hungry anytime soon.
Koen sent his drone up yesterday, as we were moving at such a slow pace, and took some great footage of JM under sail with the cc. We shall be taking some stills off this to post once we have wi-fi again - so keep an eye out.
We have yet to catch a fish, but live in hope that we might still do so before we reach SL. However, Tom had the 'pleasure' of being hit in the chest by a flying fish during his night watch. Quite incredible really when you think how big the ocean is, with nothing else for miles around us, the boat is a fair size too and this creature leaps up and finds its target, tucked away under the bimini. What are the chances? Answers on a postcard please!  It was the ff's lucky day as it was duly rescued from the cockpit floor and returned to the ocean. Had it been somewhat larger then it might well have been eaten instead.
I'm signing off now to try the bread, washed down with a milky coffee. but never fear i will be back. Bee at sea

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