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World ARC

Starting from Saint Lucia and Australia, World ARC is the voyage of a lifetime. A 26000 NM tradewind circumnavigation with our team in every port ensuring a warm welcome.
World ARC is a mix of cruising in company and free time to explore. Make a full circumnavigation or sail half a rally. The pace keeps the fleet together, enjoying the shore-side activities as a group, while staying with the best weather. Families with children, retirees or a ‘grown up gap year’ - all are welcome as part of World ARC. Our dedicated rally team ensure you make the most of your time ashore, and provide peace of mind at sea.
“Bill and I will remember this trip every day of our lives. It has been a life changing experience”


Enjoying Time In The Kingdom Of Tonga.

The Vava’u Island group in the Kingdom of Tonga is a spectacular tropical paradise in the Pacific Ocean.  For the last couple of weeks, it’s played host to the World ARC rally boats, who have been exploring the various anchorages across the 40 islands.   Some islands are ringed by white sand beaches, while others have tropical forests, sea level caves, and dramatic limestone... Click here for more info..

Niue Knocks It Out Of The Park.

The small South Pacific island of Niue which, despite its size of just 100 square miles, packs a punch as being the world’s largest raised coral atoll.   Its rugged terrain, limestone formation and the lack of beaches, has earned this gem of an island a nickname of “The Rock”.   With just 17 mooring buoys in Alofi Bay, the World ARC fleet split into two groups - arriving 72... Click here for more info..

World ARC Leg 5 Departs Bora Bora .

For their next port of call, to the small South Pacific island of Niue, the World ARC fleet divides into two groups.Group 1, comprising Asante, Bahati, Corsair, Dilema, Fatjax, Madeleine, Promise 4, Pure Fun, Skyelark 2 and Solaris, were the first to leave on Tuesday.    With its striking mountainous backdrop, Bora Bora has to be one of the most picturesque leg starts we’ve had so... Click here for more info..
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Pure Fun - WARC 2024 - 6. Tag Galapagos - Marquesas

WARC 2024 - 6. Tag Galapagos - MarquesasDienstag 12.03.2024, 03:00 Uhr, 1190 sm gesegelt, noch 1810 sm liegen vor uns.Am Donnerstag werden wir das Bergfest feiern können. Dann ist die Hälfte der Strecke geschafft. Kaum glauben. Die Zeit verfliegt read more...


Corsair - A friend wrote this to me

I thought this might be worth publishing Tribute to Lane.Upon a small sailboat, afloat for days, thirty in count,Beneath the sun's golden gaze and the moon's silver mount,In the vast sea's embrace, where dreams and waves interlace,Here, I journey, read more...


Pure Fun - WARC Leg 4 Galapagos zu den Marquesas Tag 3

Auf der WORLD ARC (WARC) läuft der vierte Abschnitt. Von Galapagos geht es getragen vom Humboldt Strom durch die windarme wie auch regenreiche ITCZ zur südlichen Passatwindzone. Die Strecke beträgt 2.900 nm. Heute nach 72 Stunden / 3 Tage auf See read more...


Dilema - Start of World ARC Leg 1

We're off again!Nelson (I believe) said ships and men rot in port and I can now see what he means.Not that being tied up on a cosy pontoon with unlimited water, electricity, showers, restaurants, bars, cafes and a full social programme, including a read more...


Serendipity IV - Prepweek and start to World ARC 2024

It was a busy prepweek. Not had we get to know so many amazing people with which we will sail alongside and spend happy times with. We also had to prepare SERENDIPITY IV and ourselves for our first leg from Saint Lucia to Santa Marta in read more...

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Thanks again for helping us with this and for supporting our circumnavigation!  We really would not have done it without the WARC Rally.

Warm regards,
Cathy Simon
S/V Celebrate
Thanks again for helping us and for supporting our circumnavigation! We really would not have done it without the World ARC Rally.

Warm regards,
Cathy Simon
S/V Celebrate

Cathy Simon - S/V Celebrate
World ARC has been so worthwhile and terrific value for money. You have a brilliant support team and they all do their jobs so efficiently. At the official stop-overs, Paul and Suzana were always waiting on the dock to take our lines, whatever the time of day or night and Paul was great at organising people to come and fix Tzigane. We would never have contemplated a trip like this without an organised rally. World ARC too has provided great parties and get-togethers.
John & Jenny Greenwood, sy Tzigane

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The Berthon Market Report 2024

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