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World ARC

Starting from Saint Lucia and Australia, World ARC is the voyage of a lifetime. A 26000 NM tradewind circumnavigation with our team in every port ensuring a warm welcome.
World ARC is a mix of cruising in company and free time to explore. Make a full circumnavigation or sail half a rally. The pace keeps the fleet together, enjoying the shore-side activities as a group, while staying with the best weather. Families with children, retirees or a ‘grown up gap year’ - all are welcome as part of World ARC. Our dedicated rally team ensure you make the most of your time ashore, and provide peace of mind at sea.
“Bill and I will remember this trip every day of our lives. It has been a life changing experience”


Maeva (welcome) to the French Polynesia! .

Situated 1,400km north east of Tahiti and one of the five archipelago that make up the French Polynesia lies the Marquesas. This group of 12 high islands and rocky inlets, of which only 6 are inhabited, are among the most isolated land masses on the planet. Having crossed the start line in the Galápagos on 6 March and traveling just under 3,000nm, the faster boats in the World ARC fleet have... Click here for more info..

World ARC 2019-20 The longest leg.

The World ARC fleet has now passed the halfway mark of this journey of the Rally from the Galapagos Islands to Hiva Oa in the Marquesas. This leg is also the longest one from the entire circumnavigation with 2980NM.At this milestone stage anything is a motive to celebrate:‘Today we celebrated with cupcakes because we have less than 1,000 miles to go’ Charm‘Tonight is party time on-board. We... Click here for more info..

World ARC 2019-20 Start from Santa Cruz, Galapagos Islands .

Under sunny skies this afternoon, the World ARC fleet of 2019-20 began Leg 4 of their rally around the world. The next journey, the longest on the World ARC route, will see the fleet of 25 yachts carrying 99 crew between them, cover a distance of just under 3,000 NM from Santa Cruz in the Galapagos to Hiva Oa in the Marquesas. This journey is likely to take the fastest boats just over 14 days... Click here for more info..
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Endo 2 - noch 800 Seemeilen

French Polynesien ruft - noch ca. 800 Seemeilen bis zum Ziel. Und das erste Boot der Flotte ist schon da "Glückwunsch!! an die NICA" -- wir werden etwas länger brauchen. Aber was soll's auch wir werden ankommen.Uns geht es gut und inzwischen read more...


Charm - Marquesas Day 15 part 1

I’m not sure how many photos I can send at once so I’m doing this in two parts.This part is to show that Joe does actually sleep and that I actually do help with the boat side of things.This part is also a plug for our friend, business partner, and read more...


Charm - Marquesas Day 15 part 2

When we had 100 miles to go, John asked for our predictions on when we would sight land.Joe said that at 0 miles, he was 100% sure we would see it.John was closest with his guess of 40 miles.At 42 to go, he saw land clearly on the horizon.We now read more...


Danica I - Log Day 15- Thursday, March 21, 2019 - Happy Spring

Log Day 15- Thursday, March 21, 2019 - Happy Spring Afternoon Report - Wednesday - 12:00- 18:00o Wind: 10 knots -6-7 knots of speedo Sails: Genoa poled on port and Code Zero on starboard o Sunny afternoon, calm seas, light windo Laundry day/ birds read more...


Charm - Marquesas - Day 14

What a day!Highs and lows, ups and downs, births and deaths.Ok - the births didn’t actually happen today but it makes for a more dramatic opening.Let’s start with births.A couple of days ago, in what I’m guessing might be a first for a Pacific read more...

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Just a short note to express our gratitude and thanks for the terrific service we are enjoying from you and your staff. I had little idea what to expect being fairly new to this sailing lark, and we blindly paid in advance trusting that you would deliver. You certainly have done! Whilst, we were building our businesses, we had many sayings and quotes and one of my favourites was always to exceed your client’s expectations no matter how high or low. You have certainly achieved that for us and we do thank you.
Steve Rodwell, sy Kasuje
It was the trip of a lifetime. Many thanks to World ARC and its personnel who made this possible.
Steve Spracher, sy Southern Cross

World Cruising Club

What’s In a Name?

The final countdown has begun for the crews of 28 boats starting World ARC in 2019. The 15 month circumnavigation will see them cover some 26,000nm and visit 19 countries but the rally is about more than simply sailing around the world visiting amazing places; it’s about the people and the boats sailing together. Crews on board cover range of ages, nationalities, backgrounds and aspirations but all share an adventurous spirit. Equally the boats that will take them around the world are a mix of catamarans and monohulls, old boats with thousands of miles under the keel and new designs freshly delivered from the factory.

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