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World Cruising news stories

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World ARC 2017-18 in Xmas Island. 23/09/2017

After sailing some 620NM from Lombok the World ARC fleet are currently moored in Flying Fish Cove at Christmas Island for a brief 48 stopover before they continue westwards towards Cocos (Keeling) Islands.   This stopover is the first visit to the ‘Jewels of the Indian Ocean’ and the crew have been enjoying their time ashore – going on jungle tours, provisioning, walking in the township and also meeting the very friendly locals; during the stopovers all crews celebrated the Alex 8th birthday, one of the youngest participants, from the swedish boat Take Off.     Christmas Island is a small dot in the Indian Ocean but it is actually very conveniently located for sailors on an Indian Ocean crossing. Christmas Island sits right on the rhumb line and almost... Click here for more info..

World ARC 2017-18 in Indonesia. 11/09/2017

After completing the leg from Australia to Indonesia, the World ARC fleet have been enjoying a relaxing stopover here in Lombok. ... Click here for more info..

World ARC departs Australia and sails onward to Indonesia. 05/09/2017

Cheerio OZ!! The World ARC fleet has certainly enjoyed their time in the Land Down Under! Cruising the Great Barrier Reef was a highlight... Click here for more info..

World ARC fleet reunites in Darwin, Australia . 30/08/2017

After three weeks free cruising, Australia’s famed Great Barrier Reef, all 15 boats have arrived Darwin. The World ARC fleet is reunited,... Click here for more info..

Through the Great Barrier reef and onto Mackay Australia . 01/08/2017

Festivities began on Friday night with welcome drinks at the Clarion Hotel where the crews were able to share stories of their journey from... Click here for more info..

Goodbye Vanuatu! Hello Coral Sea!. 20/07/2017

Thank you to the Yachting World Marina for hosting a very special stay in Port Vila, Vanuatu.The World ARC fleet set off this morning at... Click here for more info..

World ARC arrives in Port Vila, Efate. 18/07/2017

Colorfully dressed, the World ARC Fleet has made a grand entrance to the Yachting World Marina in Port Vila on the island of Efate in... Click here for more info..

World ARC Gift Ceremony in Tanna. 14/07/2017

What a wonderful day in Port Resolution! On Thursday morning the World ARC fleet gathered at Port Resolution Yacht Club and took a short... Click here for more info..

World ARC Fleet Visits The Mighty Volcano Mt. Yasur. 13/07/2017

Mt Yasur, one of the most active volcanos in the world, sits on the south eastern section of the island Tanna. The World ARC fleet was able... Click here for more info..

WCC at the Southampton Boat Show 2017. 11/07/2017

The Southampton Boat Show takes place from 15-24 September 2017 in the heart of the city. With lots of attractions at the show including new... Click here for more info..

A Relaxing Welcome to Picturesque Port Resolution. 11/07/2017

As of this morning, all boats in the World ARC fleet have anchored in picturesque Port Resolution after an exceptionally quick crossing.... Click here for more info..

Farewell Fiji. 08/07/2017

Under sunny skies and glorious Fijian weather the World ARC fleet weigh anchor at Musket Cove Marina to begin their journey to Vanuatu.As... Click here for more info..

Vinaka Fiji. 07/07/2017

After clearing into Fiji in the Lau group and free sailing for a few weeks, the World ARC fleet reunite in beautiful Musket Cove. The... Click here for more info..

Bula World ARC!. 14/06/2017

The World ARC have been arrived in Fiji and authorized to clear in Vanua Balavu, in Lau Group, a group of officers from Custom and... Click here for more info..

Nofo ā Tonga, World ARC 2017-18 sailing from Tonga to Fiji . 09/06/2017

It’s already time to leave for Fiji, the World ARC participants gathered together at the Mango Café’ for Dinner and Prizegiving for Leg 5... Click here for more info..

Malo E Lelei World ARC!. 04/06/2017

The last week World ARC fleet has arrived Neiafu, in the Vava’u island group of the wonderful Kingdom of Tonga.This is the end of the Leg 5... Click here for more info..

Off the beaten tracks: World ARC in Suwarrow and Niue. 29/05/2017

After sailing 690 from Bora Bora, World ARC fleet joined the atoll of Suwarrow, a beautiful island part of the Cook Islands. The fleet... Click here for more info..

Second Start from Bora Bora - Au revoir French Polynesia!. 17/05/2017

The World ARC fleet said ‘au revoir’ to French Polynesia as they continued their westward journey. The fleet left Bora Bora in two different... Click here for more info..

First Boats depart Bora Bora . 15/05/2017

After a full week of activities spread between the Bora Bora Yacht Club and the Bora Bora Marina, the first group of ten boats departed to... Click here for more info..

World ARC in the atolls of the Tuamotu. 23/04/2017

The departure to the Tuamotu archipelago had a good start, with the privilege of crossing paths with the visit of the Hawaiian traditional... Click here for more info..