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Happy tales, happy crews, happy to be in Grenada!. 04/12/2021

Twenty-eight boats are now safely docked in Grenada’s Camper & Nicholsons Port Louis Marina, as the flow of ARC+ boats continue to stream in. There’s a real festival atmosphere around the port and crews are enjoying the laid-back atmosphere of the marina and enjoying the ARC+ event village where local vendors are offering exotic tropical fruit and vegetables, local handicrafts and of course, the many wonderful spices and cacao products produced here on this verdant island. One owner summed up how he felt about his time at sea: “It’s very good to be disconnected from the connected grid of life and to stop and appreciate the amazing sunsets; the open ocean and to have time for your own thoughts. It’s a beautiful thing,” said Peter Griffiths of Oyster 72 Latobe, shortly after... Click here for more info..

The ARC 2021 Fleet are welcomed to St Lucia. 04/12/2021

After the excitement of both 12 Nacira 69 and Guyader Saveol’s arrival yesterday, there was a flurry of activity on the finish line early... Click here for more info..

More arrivals for ARC+ in sunny Grenada. 03/12/2021

Several more boats have now arrived at Camper & Nicholsons Port Louis Marina in ARC+ and the docks are starting to come alive with happy... Click here for more info..

ARC 2021 Makes Landfall in Saint Lucia - Benvenuto 12 Nacira 69!. 03/12/2021

Congratulations to the crew of Italian flagged yacht 12 Nacira 69 for taking ARC 2021 line honours in Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia, arriving in... Click here for more info..

Piment Rouge first ARC+ boat arrives in Grenada. 02/12/2021

Congratulations to Pierre De Saint-Vincent’s Outremer 51 Piment Rouge (FRA) for taking line honours in the second leg of the ARC+ rally from... Click here for more info..

Yacht Charlotte Jane III abandoned after catastrophic steering failure. 01/12/2021

The five-man British crew of Charlotte Jane III were evacuated onto another ARC yacht today (01 December) after a catastrophic steering... Click here for more info..

Grenada ready to welcome the ARC+ fleet to pure shores. 30/11/2021

On 19 November the ARC+ 2021 fleet left Mindelo, Cape Verde bound for Grenada’s shores just over 2000nm miles away. Ten days on, the ARC... Click here for more info..

Breezing into week two for the ARC+ and ARC Fleets. 29/11/2021

As the second full week at sea begins for the ARC+ and ARC fleets, it’s a delight to read how crews are enjoying their time on the ocean in... Click here for more info..

Agecanonix – Tragedy at Sea. 28/11/2021

World Cruising Club are sad to report the death of crew member Max Delannoy on board the ARC yacht Agecanonix during the night of 26/27... Click here for more info..

Sails Across the Sea as the 36th ARC Departs Las Palmas. 21/11/2021

Cruisers, racers, and multihulls; sleek ocean racing machines alongside comfortable family cruisers; superyachts with professional crews,... Click here for more info..

High pressure as the ARC Start approaches. 20/11/2021

There’s a mix of excitement and slight apprehension with sailors around the docks today as everyone prepares for the departure of the ARC... Click here for more info..

Vox pops around the docks…. 19/11/2021

Thoughts from some of the crews in the 36th ARC, with less than 48 hours to go. On board almost every boat, there’s a bustle of... Click here for more info..

Farewell to Mindelo – ARC+ fleet head off to Grenada. 19/11/2021

After a warm welcome for the ARC+ fleet and an enjoyable few days in the Cape Verde Islands, skippers and crews on the 70 boats taking part... Click here for more info..

A hive of activity ahead of Sunday’s start. 17/11/2021

Four days until start day and the clock is ticking, so there’s a hive of activity around the docks as well as in the ARC shop and... Click here for more info..

ARC+ Prizes, Party and Peixe.... in Mindelo. 16/11/2021

The prizegiving for the first leg of ARC+ from Las Palmas to Mindelo was held yesterday evening in the historic fish market building. The... Click here for more info..

Sun, sea and Sextants. 15/11/2021

It’s been a perfect day here in Gran Canaria. The sun is out, the skies are blue and there’s a gentle breeze blowing. Perfect for a practice... Click here for more info..

Warm Welcomes for ARC+ in Mindelo. 15/11/2021

The majority of the ARC+ fleet are now safely docked at Marina Mindelo and are enjoying their time in the Cape Verde Islands following the... Click here for more info..

36th edition of the Atlantic rally for Cruisers declared ‘open’ at Flag Raising Ceremony . 14/11/2021

The sun shone and the sky was blue for the official ARC 2021 Flag Raising Ceremony which was held today to celebrate the 29 different... Click here for more info..

Children’s fun, crews arriving and docks filling up. 13/11/2021

With just over a week to go until the start of the ARC, the marina is really filling up with over 120 boats already here in Las Palmas... Click here for more info..

Piment Rouge first ARC+ boat arrives in Mindelo. 12/11/2021

With the first boat due to arrive in the early hours of Friday morning (12 Nov), the ARC+ yellowshirt team were ready and waiting to take... Click here for more info..