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World Wildlife Day in Galapagos. 02/03/2024

Celebrating World Wildlife Day on 3 March - and for the World ARC 2024 fleet it’s an honour to be in the Galápagos Islands on this day, where over 80% of the land birds and 97% of reptiles and land mammals are totally endemic to the archipelago. Located in the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Ecuador, Galápagos has one of the most pristine island ecosystems on Earth, and 97% of the land area is designated as a protected National Park.  It’s one of the best places for interacting with animals in the wild at close range, both above and below the water.  Here's just a few of the creatures we’ve spent time with during our visit to Galápagos:Marine iguanas are the only lizard in the world with the ability to live and forage at sea. The adults are black for most of the year.... Click here for more info..

World ARC 2023-24 Depart Cabedelo. 02/03/2024

The World ARC 2023-24 Fleet have departed Cabedelo and are on the home straight back to the Caribbean! Our journey in Brazil started in... Click here for more info..

Beautiful Beaches In Santa Cruz. 27/02/2024

The World ARC rally is currently enjoying free sailing around the beautiful islands in the Galapagos, and those anchored in Santa Cruz are... Click here for more info..

Discovering San Cristobal. 22/02/2024

As the bus climbed higher into the hills, the scenery became greener, the clouds descended, and it got noticeably cooler.If it wasn’t for... Click here for more info..

Introducing The Pride of World ARC Award. 14/02/2024

A private villa, located on the side of a hill overlooking the anchorage at Contadora, was the stunning location for the farewell and... Click here for more info..

World ARC 2023-24 in Salvador!. 16/02/2024

World ARC 2023-24 have been enjoying their time in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil after crossing the South Atlantic from Namibia, via St. Helena.... Click here for more info..

Hats Off To Panama. 09/02/2024

The rally's time in Panama is sadly drawing to a close, but for the 26 World ARC boats, it’s been a great place to spend a few weeks... Click here for more info..

An Incredible Insight Into An Indigenous Tribe. 03/02/2024

It’s not often you are able to sit down with a village chief of an indigenous tribe and ask him personal questions, but the World ARC rally... Click here for more info..

Saint Lucia Rendezvous. 31/01/2024

If you're in the Caribbean on 14 April, come and join our Saint Lucia Rendezvous!ARC and World ARC past participants, potential ralliers and... Click here for more info..

Spectacular Santa Marta. 22/01/2024

It’s been a wonderful week of bonding, camaraderie and fun for the World ARC rally participants as they gathered in this stunning port of... Click here for more info..

World ARC 2023-24 Depart Namibia. 18/01/2024

Having enjoyed their time in Namibia the World ARC 2023-24 fleet are now at sea with course set for St. Helena. Whilst in Walvis Bay many of... Click here for more info..

An Exciting And Competitive Start For World ARC 2024-25. 14/01/2024

13 January 2024 – Under clear blue skies and perfect conditions, the World ARC 2024-25 set sail today, when 23 yachts departed Saint Lucia... Click here for more info..

Fabulous Farewell Party In Saint Lucia. 13/01/2024

World ARC 2024-25 Update – Saint Lucia: After a full week of events, briefings, boat maintenance and getting to know each other, the fleet... Click here for more info..

Seminars in Saint Lucia. 10/01/2024

10 January 2024 – In the run up to the World ARC 2024-25 start on Saturday 13 January, World Cruising Club laid on a series of seminars at... Click here for more info..

World ARC 2024-25 Gets Underway In St Lucia . 09/01/2024

9 January 2024 - The excitement and anticipation is ramping up in Saint Lucia as 23 of the 25 boats have arrived at IGY Rodney Bay Marina... Click here for more info..

World ARC 2023-24 Starts the Year with Leg 15!. 07/01/2024

Under a hot South African sun the World ARC 2023-24 Fleet set off from Cape Town signalling the start of Leg 15 and the beginning of their... Click here for more info..

You’re unique: Celebrating the Achievements of ARC 2023. 19/12/2023

The 38th edition of the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers culminated on Saturday evening with an awards ceremony in Saint Lucia that celebrated... Click here for more info..

Celebrations in Grenada as ARC+ draws to close. 08/12/2023

Bringing to a close the 11th edition of World Cruising Club’s ARC+ cruising rally, over 400 participants, from a record breaking 95 boats... Click here for more info..

Smooth Sailing and Island Adventures: ARC Plus Fleet Safely Docks in Grenada . 07/12/2023

After 2300 nautical miles the ARC+ fleet have now safely arrived in Port Louis Marina, Grenada. Thomas Christoffel and crew aboard Paikea... Click here for more info..

ARC+ Update - Kids Fun Day – Doublehanders - Buzz the social media favourite arrives!. 05/12/2023

ARC+ Update Tuesday 5 DecemberKids Fun Day – Doublehanders - Buzz the social media favourite arrives!Since sunset on Monday, 4 December,... Click here for more info..