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ARC Europe

Cruise in company from the Caribbean or USA to Marina de Lagos in southern Portugal. Explore the Atlantic islands of Bermuda and the Azores with friends.
More than just a trans-ocean delivery, ARC Europe is a convivial way to start a European adventure or to end a Caribbean season. The rally has two starts; from the Chesapeake on the US East Coast, and from Nanny Cay, Tortola BVI; with the two fleets meeting in Bermuda. Then on to cruise the Azores, seeing bull running, flowers, traditional buildings and spectacular scenery before the final voyage to Europe.
Our team are with you in every port, helping you make the most of your time ashore with parties and tours, advice and support.
“It has been a lot of fun to cruise the Azores in the company of other ARC Europe boats”

Kinship - Arrival in Horta, Ursula, Andy, Tim and Mia
Kinship - Rigging check, Kinship from above


Halfway Highs.

As the ARC Europe yachts straddle the halfway mark on this 1800NM leg to the Azores, and on what is now 'Day 6' the crews will be well settled into their life onboard - a schedule of eating, sleeping and going on watch!  There have been a good number of blogs coming in from the boats at sea which offers a great real time insight into what adventures they are all up to mid-Atlantic.The... Click here for more info..

Bye Bye Bermuda:(.

It is always sad to be leaving Bermuda, this place has a great charm and stunning beauty to it - especially when the sun is shining as it was for today's start of ARC Europe. Boats made their final preparations and started to slip lines from the Dinghy Club dock around 10am ready for the start at 1100 local time. The ARC USA leg back to the US is a non competitive leg and some of the boats... Click here for more info..

Busy Bermuda.

It has been a busy couple of days with duty free refuelling on Saturday followed by the Prizegiving for Leg 1 on Sunday.  With a heavy squall line coming across the island it made for a very wet and windy day but cleared up nicely going into the evening and crews descended on the Dinghy Club balcony which has the best views of the harbour.  The evening kicked off with a rum tasting... Click here for more info..
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Hejira - Shepherding

The traditional advice for sailing east to the Azores is to take loads of extra diesel as you are likely to experience long periods of dead calmflat sea. As I write, we are 4 days into the passage, broad reaching in 23 knots of wind with a lively read more...


Hejira - Brrrrr

Ollie writes:-I’m writing this at 2:17am.It should be the penultimate hour of my watch. But I’m actually only seventeen minutes into it.That’s because, I’m ashamed to say, I overslept…massively.I ran out of my cabin to find Barry, staring read more...


Hejira - Blogs like busses

We have had numerous (well 6 actually) Emails concerning the lack of blogs over the weekend. Well, they have been done but the bottleneck has been my scheme to try to avoid the eye watering satellite bills I experienced on the crossing last year. read more...


Adagio - Quiet Ride Today

While certainly not thrilled to be in the middle of a no wind situation (pun there ...) I am thankful for the respite from the bigger winds and waves in order to have a chance to take care of some smaller tasks that have cropped up.So, today we read more...


Lerina - Le soleil est de retour

Dimanche a été une journée moteur: vent debout faible. Le vents'est levé dans la soirée et nous avons passé la nuit au près toutes voiles dehors dans 15 noeuds de vent. Actuellement, nous sommes au près bon plein à 6-7 noeuds. Ca écume sec du côté read more...

More Logs...
Thank you for a fantastic event. It was the first time we partook in an ARC event and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We would particularly like to complement World Cruising on the team they had in place at Nanny Cay, Bermuda and the Azores. Lyall, Kieran and Nick were exceptionally professional, unbelievably pleasant despite having numerous yachts demanding various things from them. They always had a smile and were always willing to help irrespective of the time of day or weather conditions - which we can personally vouch for following our arrival into Horta.
Brian and Loretto Linehan, sy Asteroid 2012
Once again we would like to thank you for organizing a fantastic event. We are so glad to have taken part. Especially we would like to thank Lyall, Nick and Andy who did a superb job throughout. We really enjoyed the few days in Bermuda and have promised ourselves to return there before too long.
Chris & Nirit Slaney, sy Passepartout

World Cruising Club

Hiking the 'Gut' in Tortola

Last year the fleet had slow-going, making for a lazy few days in Tortola for the Yellowshirt team. Read their account of hiking the 'gut' behind Nanny Cay and up onto the mountains, a fantastic way to kill some time and a grand adventure!

... more info

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