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World Cruising news stories

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ARC Europe 2017 Last Leg Underway. 10/06/2017

After cruising the islands of the Azores the ARC Europe fleet divides into two groups.  Leg 3A Group are sailing almost due East the 830NM to Lagos on mainland Portugal whilst Leg 3B Group are sailing north east back to ports across the UK and Northern Europe, a leg of approximately 1200NM.Light winds at the start today in Ponta Delgada did not allow us to see any coloured sails up, but everyone left in good spirits and were very cheerful over the VHF.The light winds at the start should continue for next 48 hours but by the 12th winds and seas are forecast to be favourable for those sailing towards Lagos.The official finish for ARC Europe continues to be at the Marina de Lagos where they are ready to welcome not only the ARC Europe yachts but also those of Rally Portugal... Click here for more info..

Island-Hopping in the Azores. 09/06/2017

The ARC Europe fleet left Horta (Faial) to spend almost three days on Terceira Island before heading to S. Miguel and get ready for the... Click here for more info..

Horta draw to a close. 02/06/2017

Saturday was a busy day in Horta with a Skippers’ briefing in the morning, a tour around the island of Faial and the Prize Giving for leg 2,... Click here for more info..

ARC Europe Fleet almost complete in the Azores. 01/06/2017

After 1800NM and pretty constant strong winds for the quarter of the fleet arriving in the Azores, several crews have been surprised and... Click here for more info..

The Azores Cruise. 31/05/2017

The Azores Cruise covers the two middle weeks of the rally.  Located 850NM off the Portuguese coast this archipelago is not... Click here for more info..

First Arrivals in the Azores. 27/05/2017

The first boat is now just a few hours away from Horta. The German flagged X-562, Teamgeist chose a route north of the rhumb line... Click here for more info..

Bye Bye Bermuda. 17/05/2017

Today was the start of ARC Europe Leg 2 from St George's Harbour in Bermuda at 1100 local time.The strong winds that we have experienced... Click here for more info..

Oh boy we are in Bermuda. 13/05/2017

Bermuda Bermuda, she always has a curve ball to throw at the yachts that are visiting here.  This morning was a completely different... Click here for more info..

Halfway to Bermuda. 09/05/2017

The fleet is around the halfway mark to Bermuda and has been having some great sailing conditions in the SE trade winds for the first couple... Click here for more info..

ARC Europe and ARC USA get under way . 07/05/2017

After a busy programme during the week in Nanny Cay Marina the 37 boats on ARC Europe and USA were ready to take the start on a windy... Click here for more info..

Demonstration day. 04/05/2017

Today started off with a couple of demonstrations here in Nanny Cay, nothing political just a few safety demos that always have a good... Click here for more info..

Welcome to Nanny Cay - best marina on the island!. 02/05/2017

Monday was the first official day of the office opening here in Nanny Cay on Tortola in the BVI and it was certainly busy with boats... Click here for more info..

ARC Europe & ARC USA: Just 2 weeks until the rally offices open . 17/04/2017

With the start of ARC Europe & ARC USA on May 6th fast approaching boats will be starting the transition from cruising mode to... Click here for more info..

Choosing for Offshore Cruising at the Bluewater Weekend. 22/03/2017

Bluewater Weekend: 20 and 21 May 2017, Lymington UKMore than just a boat show, more than a seminar, and more than simply a cruiser... Click here for more info..

Meet the WCC Team at the Annapolis Boat Show, 2016. 23/09/2016

The Annapolis Boat Show takes place as usual in October, from 6-10 October in the heart of the city. With lots of attractions at the show... Click here for more info..

Practical preparation advice for an offshore passage from ARC sailors and cruising rally experts. 29/07/2016

This autumn we will be hosting a series of forums to inspire sailors to extend their offshore cruising boundaries. Each forum will feature a... Click here for more info..

Lagos Arrival of ARC Europe 2016. 22/06/2016

Following nearly 3 weeks in the Azores, the ARC Europe 2016 fleet of 23 boats left the island of Santa Maria on Sunday 12th June for the... Click here for more info..

ARC Europe - Prize Giving, Blue Mist, and Ponta Delgada. 07/06/2016

The last few days in Horta were some of the best of the rally so far. We finished upout time in Faial with a skippers briefing,  prize... Click here for more info..

Happy times in Horta. 01/06/2016

It has been five days since the first arrival and a lot has happened since then in the Azores. We have a total of 29 boats in with 2 still... Click here for more info..

Halfway Highs. 21/05/2016

As the ARC Europe yachts straddle the halfway mark on this 1800NM leg to the Azores, and on what is now 'Day 6' the crews will be well... Click here for more info..