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The ARC is a ‘must do’ for many sailors, and attracts over 200 boats and 1200 people every year to sail 2700 NM across the Atlantic from Gran Canaria to Saint Lucia.

The ARC is for everyone; families with children, tough racers, cruising couples, big boats and modest boats. Crossing the Atlantic together, but having their own adventures. More than just a boat race, the ARC is about friendships made ashore in the two weeks of pre-departure activities continued over the radio net at sea. It’s about arriving in Saint Lucia to be met on the dock with a rum punch and a chilled beer, knowing you have achieved something fantastic - crossing an ocean on a small sailboat.

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your team for a great event, and most probably one of the best experiences of my life” Max Klink, yacht Caro (GER)


ARC+ First Arrivals in Saint Lucia.

Today Saint Lucia cheerfully welcomed the first arrival of the ARC+ fleet, X-612 Nix after a fast 2100NM passage from Mindelo, Cape Verde. Crossing the finish line at 14:51:18 LT (UTC -4) making an elapsed time of 10 days 4 hours 51 minutes 18 seconds.Skipper Nico and crew on board were in great spirits having enjoyed their passage even under a reduced sail after ripping their main during... Click here for more info..

Rodney Bay Ready to Welcome ARC+ Arrivals.

On 18 November the ARC+ fleet left Mindelo, Cape Verde bound for Saint Lucia’s shores just over 2000nm miles away. Ten days on, the ARC Yellow Shirts are ready and waiting in IGY Rodney Bay Marina and, together with representatives from the Saint Lucia Tourist Board, they will to welcome the first arrivals of the fleet this weekend. Year after year, it is the welcome that boats sailing with the... Click here for more info..

Steady as we go - Day 3 at sea for the ARC fleet.

Following their blast off departure from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on Sunday, the fleet of ARC 2015 continue to be propelled into the Atlantic and towards the shores of Saint Lucia. The echoes of ships horns, blaring music and serenades of local brass bands have faded away since start day, but settling into life at sea has offered new excitement for the crews as they get used to life at 30... Click here for more info..
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Vitamina - vitamina update

We have sailed with 25 knots ok wind and waves about 3 metres....we erekeeping happy and with more ilussion to arrive to Santa Lucia. We got fished a huge fish but was lost it..... we are at 600miles from Sta Lucia and we speak with others partners read more...


Magic - MAGIC May Dog Blog .Saturday 28th/ Sunday 29 November

Saturday 28th/  Sunday 29 November Well this has certainly not been the sort of Sunday we are used to at home.   We have been going a bit more slowly but that means we are making water, which is great for the feeders, as they read more...


Albatros - Nov. 29 at 10 pm

Albatros update (part 5): the sun has sunk, still very little wind. We just had Dresdner Stollen to celebrate the day - thinking of Christmas when you are in the middle of Atlantic is strange but also fun. We put four cans of beer around it, and read more...


Bluewater Mooney - Tag 7 (2)

Die Taktik geht auf! wir erreichen morgen Nacht den neu abgesteckten Punkt im Süden. Von dort werden wir mehr oder weniger rein West laufen, um direkt St Lucia anzuliegen.Der Wind begleite uns auch an diesem Tag wie von den US Grib vorhergesagt. read more...


Calypso - A couple of days after Day 7 - Successes and Sargasso Weed

Saturday and into SundayHigh excitement! a wind hole and a flat (ish) sea.Chuck the dinghy out of the garage, pour copious fresh water into the garage, dry it all out scrupulously, and now we can seal the confounded hatch.Much grunting, squiring read more...

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Do it! - It is a life enhancing experience that you will never forget!
Geoff Cozens, crew of sy Taboo of St Helier
First of all a big thanks to all ARC staff for the excellent work done, and an even bigger thanks to you for your efforts in getting it right, and for the chance you gave me and my crew to accomplish this once-in-the-lifetime adventure. For me it has been a dream come true, after a life of sailing and reading about ocean crossing. I am sure most participants feel the same way. Thanks a lot.
Fulvio Croce, Bulbo Matto ARC 2012

World Cruising Club

Welcome Back! Skippers of the first ARC return for 30th edition

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