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ARC Portugal

Cruise across the Bay of Biscay and day sail down the coast of Spain and Portugal to Marina de Lagos. Three weeks of sailing to the sun, tours and parties.
More than simply a voyage south to the sun, ARC Portugal appeals to summer cruisers, boats heading to the Mediterranean and to ARC participants. Social activities in every port and visits ashore to explore ancient Iberian cities and fishing villages make the rally a real holiday.
Invite a range of family and friends to join your adventure - day sails and great transport links make crew changes easy. The mix of people makes ARC Portugal a friendly and convivial summer cruise.
“The banter, the laughs, the story-swapping - you would be hard pushed to beat this experience”


Sunny days in Figueira da Foz.

The fleet arrived in to Figueira da Foz on Thursday night; After a slow start from Porto the afternoon breeze kicked in and boats reported a great day's sailing. Once safely moored up the fleet wandered up the pontoon to the marina restaurant where they were treated to unlimited sardines cooked on the BBQ, much enjoyed by all.Yesterday was a busy day starting with an official welcome reception... Click here for more info..

Port wine, tuk tuks and fish!.

The ARC Portugal rally fleet began arriving at the Douro Marina from midday on Tuesday after the short leg from Povoa da Varzim; light winds meant the fleet mostly motored from port to port. The first group was greeted by TukTuks at the Marina entrance, the TukTuk tour consisted of two different parts. First, the participants visited the city of Gaia and after some stunning views of the river,... Click here for more info..

Povoa de Varzim .

Yesterday evening the fleet began to arrive in to Clube Naval Povoense in Portugal. Due to a foggy start the rally left in their own time and the leg was non-competitive. Unfortunately shortly after leaving, Kahleesi experienced problems with their engine. Within minutes of making a VHF call Ian and Westa from A’r mor dirion were alongside and did a fantastic job of towing Khaleesi back to... Click here for more info..
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Mischief - HIHO Mischief

19th June 2017.  Bayona to Pavoa de VarzimLeg 2 of our journey south began in fog, the race having been cancelled at the last minute due to the poor weather conditions.  This affected the crew badly, they had already taken performance read more...


Raggy Doll - Tuesday 20th June - And where exactly did you hide the baby?

The day started well, the hotel was simple and comfortable, the meal last night was fish and served with a local white wine, we started to believe we were moving forward. Perhaps at this point we should have become slightly suspicious, it was all read more...


Jubilate Mare - Jubilate Mare Porto to Figueira de Foz

Light winds have continued more or less every day. Today was no different really, but with a promising start from the Duoro river in Porto. A couple of hours later however, it was time to relax & hoist the cast iron genoa.The laws of physics read more...


Arcarius of Plymouth - Mischief HIHO Mischief doubles the trouble. Oh my god (American accent)

HIHOimage1


Raggy Doll - Monday 19th June 2017 - To infinity and beyond

It is 1520 hours Spanish time and at this moment I am sitting on board an Air Europe flight having just left Madrid and en route to Vigo. A lot has happened since my last blog and hopefully I can fill in the missing pieces. We had hopedthat AJ and read more...

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We had so much confidence in the expert pre cruise attention to detail, safety, planning etc and the way that we could turn up at the end of a sail to have all the berthing, paperwork, socialising and trips organised, which we almost took for granted until we had to do it for ourselves! Also the value for money of the rally, which many of our other rally friends have mentioned. It also gave us confidence for further travels.
Alison & David Alexander, sy Red Skies
What a fantastic trip this is and tremendous value for money.
Derek Parish, sy Andiamo

World Cruising Club

Life on board an ARC Portugal boat

As a staff member of World Cruising Club its import to understand our Rally’s from all perspectives. On this year’s ARC Portugal I crewed the leg from Falmouth to Bayona on Paul and Dee’s Hallberg Rassy 48. ... more info

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