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ARC Portugal

Cruise across the Bay of Biscay and day sail down the coast of Spain and Portugal to Marina de Lagos. Three weeks of sailing to the sun, tours and parties.
More than simply a voyage south to the sun, ARC Portugal appeals to summer cruisers, boats heading to the Mediterranean and to ARC participants. Social activities in every port and visits ashore to explore ancient Iberian cities and fishing villages make the rally a real holiday.
Invite a range of family and friends to join your adventure - day sails and great transport links make crew changes easy. The mix of people makes ARC Portugal a friendly and convivial summer cruise.
“The banter, the laughs, the story-swapping - you would be hard pushed to beat this experience”


Choosing for Offshore Cruising at the Bluewater Weekend.

Bluewater Weekend: 14 and 15 May 2016, Lymington UKMore than just a boat show, more than a seminar, and more than simply a cruiser rendezvous; the ARC Bluewater Weekend is a truly unique combination of all three and more still. Designed to encourage visitors think about all aspects of living their bluewater dream, the Bluewater Weekend is a chance to view a wide range of offshore cruising boats... Click here for more info..

Sailing to the sun with ARC Portugal.

Offering wonderful sailing, superb seafood, and friendly beachfront ports, exploring the Portuguese coastline has long been a popular cruising location for those getting their first taste of the liveaboard lifestyle. For over two decades, ARC Portugal has been bringing together yachts of all shapes and sizes to sail south to Marina De Lagos - renowned as one of the premier marinas on the... Click here for more info..

Cruising in Portugal Seminar at the Southampton Boat Show.

Join us for a special seminar on Sunday 13th September 2015 from 0900 to 1100 at the Grand Harbour Hotel, Southampton. Free to attend with advanced registration, plus complimentary ticket to the Southampton Boat Show.Offering wonderful sailing, superb seafood, and friendly beachfront ports, exploring the Portuguese coastline has long been a popular cruising location for those getting... Click here for more info..
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Dashzani - Dashzani is on her way...

Currently on our way down to the start of Rally Portugal 2016 (Gosport to Plymouth). Stopping via Weymouth for fish & chips tonight.Should be in Plymouth on Sunday where we look forward to meeting our fellow participants as we all start to read more...


Firefly - Marina de Lagos Hooray!!!!

 We have arrived in Marina de Lagos after 3.5 weeks of sailing and themajority of which has been a real treat! Final legwas around 80 miles and we had some fun 30 knots around Cap St Vincent which wasfun as no reef in and we were surfing at read more...


Firefly - random photos of the trip (LIsboa)

We are now in Lisbon and it is great! lovely marina and very funcity. we are heading to Sines tomorrow and then our minds turn to where we storethe boat for a few weeks whilst we return to London for a few weeks.38:40:60N 9:19:04W m_IMG_2463 read more...


Firefly - Peniche

Arrived in Peniche and heading to Lisbon tomorrowWeather is lovely and really starting to get a lot hotter which is reallynice Will post some pictures when we get a chance 39:21:13N 9:22:61W       Firefly crew read more...


May - Day 4

Saturday afternoon the wind increased to a F6 NE with waves to match but all was still well. We had ports of refuge in mind if things got worse but we were too far west to make for them and it would have meant beating to windward on a fine reach. read more...

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What a fantastic trip this is and tremendous value for money.
Derek Parish, sy Andiamo
We had so much confidence in the expert pre cruise attention to detail, safety, planning etc and the way that we could turn up at the end of a sail to have all the berthing, paperwork, socialising and trips organised, which we almost took for granted until we had to do it for ourselves! Also the value for money of the rally, which many of our other rally friends have mentioned. It also gave us confidence for further travels.
Alison & David Alexander, sy Red Skies

World Cruising Club

Annapolis Ocean Sailing Forum Podcast

Episodes 126 & 127 are parts one and two of World Cruising Club's 2015 Ocean Sailing Forum. It’s a panel discussion of all things ocean sailing. I moderated it, and our guests included Lee & Rachel Cumberland of Satori, their Tayana 37; Rick & Julie Palm of Archer, their Outremer 51 catamaran; and Sheryl & Paul Shard of Distant Shores, their Southerly 49. Paul & Sheryl also have been making the popular TV series of the same name now for over 25 years.... more info

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