Majic-L - Leg 5 - Nazarre to Oeiras

Given we were not surrounded by any other boats, we were able to get off easily and we were the first boat across the gate start at 7am on the nose. We waved our ARC flag up at rally control on the cliff and Tony did his best “Titanic Kate Winslet” pose at the bow of the boat. Like everyone else we negotiated multiple pots and a fishing boat laying pots on our way to clear water. We saw several dolphin pods and a shoal of fish that attracted loads of seagulls.  After lunch we saw a pod of about 10 dolphins who were with us for a good 15 minutes, so we got good photos and videos. Tony got his Go-Pro camera out but unfortunately needed a longer mount to get it in the water to film under the boat. It wasn’t Tony’s day as again he had his fishing gear out with the new stronger braid line, but another boats passing behind meant he lost his line as he couldn’t get it in quickly enough, so end of fishing for the day. We tried sailing for a few hours after lunch but like Leg 4 had to turn the engine back on again late in the afternoon for a short while to reposition ourselves or we would have been back too late. The wind picked up as we approached the entrance to the Rio Tejo and Cape Raso and by the time we were heading up the estuary gusts up to 30knots!

After crossing the line, the wind was still gusting strongly for getting sails down and on the approach to Oeiras marina. Two hover boarders decided to park themselves in the middle of the marina entrance requiring some shouting and gesturing!

We enjoyed the coach tour of the former gunpowder factory, the Poets Park and the central vineyard with a tasting. Like the marina commodore at Figueira da Foz and the bullfighting ring, the vineyard guide was really passionate about his subject which made the tour that much more interesting.

On Saturday we took the train to Lisbon. We picked the hottest day of the tour (37degrees) for this but spent an enjoyable few hours there – some great buildings and statues to admire. Picked up some gifts for home in the craft market that was on. Had lunch in a local restaurant but the service wasn’t the best. Never mind – back at the marina we enjoyed the colourful costumes and the displays as part of the local festival in the evening.

Sunday is a day of rest aside from doing our bit for the painting competition of course on the marina wall and a bit of beach time before the final leg for us starts Monday lunchtime to Lagos.