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Life on board an ARC Portugal boat. 19/06/2017

As a staff member of World Cruising Club its import to understand our Rally’s from all perspectives. On this year’s ARC Portugal, Charlie Pierce crewed the leg from Falmouth to Bayona on Paul and Dee’s Hallberg Rassy 48, Blonde Moment. Here he shares his experiences crossing the Bay of Biscay with the fleet.After a delayed start to the Rally caused by two low pressure systems the fleet were eager to depart and the weather window was set for a departure on the morning of Sunday the 11th.A relaxed start was set and all yachts departed in their own time with most choosing to leave between 6 am and 11 am.Those who departed later helped other yachts in leaving their berths and waved them off, safe in the knowledge that they would be in contact over VHF or SSB later on in the day.We decided to... Click here for more info..

Boating in the Algarve. 01/03/2017

Boating in the Algarve Basing your boat on Portugal’s warm southern coast offers an attractive package sunshine, easy cruising and sandy... Click here for more info..

Toronto Ocean Sailing Forum (Live Audio Podcast). 03/08/2016

Click here for the direct download link.Episode 156 is another World Cruising Club ‘Ocean Sailing Forum,’ this one recorded back in January... Click here for more info..

Weather Routing & Forecasting, with Jeremy Davis, WRI Inc.. 23/06/2016

Click here for the direct download link.“We’ve talked to clients that have been in those Category 3 Hurricanes coming across the Yucatan... Click here for more info..

Annapolis Ocean Sailing Forum Podcast. 02/11/2015

Ocean Sailing Forum, Part 1Ocean Sailing Forum, Part 2Episodes 126 & 127 are parts one and two of World Cruising Club's 2015 Ocean... Click here for more info..

Meet the WCC Team Around the World. 23/06/2015

Come and meet the World Cruising Club team at boat shows in Australia, Sweden, UK, USA and Germany during August, September and October... Click here for more info..

Offshore Yacht Rigging Podcast with Mike Meer. 20/05/2015

Episode #102 of '59º North,' is Mike Meer, head rigger at Port Annapolis Marina and Rigging Inspector for the Caribbean 1500. It’s all about... Click here for more info..

Outfitting Your Boat Podcast. 01/04/2015

Live from World Cruising Club's Ocean Sailing Seminar weekend in Annapolis. Andy spends 90 minutes discussing boat types and how to... Click here for more info..

Former USCG Rescue Swimmer on Offshore Safety. 31/10/2014

Mario Vittone, former USCG Rescue swimmer, spoke to the Caribbean 1500 rally this morning for a morning safety seminar prior to Sunday's... Click here for more info..

Tips for Crewing Offshore. 01/11/2014

As someone who is new to the offshore sailing world, I had many questions before going on my first offshore passage. What do I pack? How... Click here for more info..

Podcast: Offshore Weather. 26/10/2014

Click here for the direct download link.Andy discusses his way of getting and interpreting weather forecasts offshore, and why he thinks... Click here for more info..

Podcast Andy Schell & NPR's Scott Neuman Talk Sailing Books. 07/10/2014

NPR's Scott Neuman chats with Andy about their favorite books that they'd bring along to a desert island or on a long offshore passage. They... Click here for more info..

Podcast: Master Rigger Brion Toss. 01/10/2014

This is a must-listen for anyone thinking of going offshore sailing. Brion Toss, a guru of yacht rigging, talks about all sorts of technical... Click here for more info..

Podcast: Crossing Oceans with Kids. 19/09/2014

David & Isabelle share their classic story of a ten-year dream-turned-reality to take their kids cruising. A French-Canadian couple from... Click here for more info..

Freebooter demonstrate their Sea-Xit - MOB Recovery . 31/05/2013

ARC Portugal 2013 participants Steven and Annemarie Westwood, owners of the Moody 425 Freebooter were more than happy to demonstrate... Click here for more info..

Lisbon – A City of Contrasts. 29/04/2012

Lisbon – A City of Contrasts  A day trip from OeirasLisbon, 15km to the east of Oeiras, is an historic port and the capital city of this... Click here for more info..

Santiago de Compostela. 29/04/2012

Santiago de Compostela: a UNESCO World Heritage Site 29 May 2012 During the stopover in Bayona, Rally Portugal participants will visit the... Click here for more info..

Safety First. 11/06/2012

Safety First 12 June 2012Before the boats start the rally, every one will have a safety equipment inspection carried out by one of our... Click here for more info..

Weather Delays. 11/06/2012

Weather Delays 11 June 2012In 2012 we delayed the start of Rally Portugal for five days to allow a weather system to pass through the Bay of... Click here for more info..

Meet the Fleet. 08/06/2012

Who Takes Part in Rally Portugal? Meet the Fleet 8 June 2012One lovely aspect of Rally Portugal is that there is no 'typical' boat and... Click here for more info..