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Weather and Routing - Click here to enter

Discussions on weather and routing.
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Mon, 17 Feb, 20, 11:55 - Jeremy John Wyatt
United Kingdom
Test Boat 4

Convoys and Cruising in Company - Click here to enter

Contact cruisers to plan a convoy or sail in company
Latest post
Mon, 25 May, 20, 14:18 - Christopher Tynes
United States of America

The Cockpit Locker - Click here to enter

The Cockpit Locker forum aims encourage contact between sailors wishing to buy or sell surplus boating equipment. The forum is strictly for non commercial use, and World Cruising Club Ltd accepts no liability for any items traded or sold via this forum.
Latest post
Wed, 27 May, 20, 17:58 - Simon Parry
United Kingdom

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