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Veni Vidi Vixi - eighth blog - Veve’s reflections on crossing the Atlantic

On Sunday we left to cross the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean. All of the ARC boats were heading out of the marina. Everybody was waving their horns. My family and I were excited because it was a race and our first time doing it. We were surrounded by vessels but then we were on our own.

Now we’ve passed two weeks already and only have three more days until we get there to the Caribbean. I’d love to build sandcastles with my brother and sister and drink coconuts and go swimming with my family. My birthday is going to be on the beach.

Stinky things
The rubbish bin is stinky. It has all kinds of disgusting organic stuff inside it that is going to be thrown in the ocean. I see my mother dumb the rotten watermelon into the deep blue sea. When my dad caches a fish on the fishing rod he holds it with a stinky fishy towel.

Yummy things
One day we caught Durado. It was so good and it was cooked perfectly with tiny white sesame seeds. After dinner we have cake with frosting and sprinkles like the colours of the rainbow. We also caught a mahi-mahi it was delicious.

I feel like I’m the only kid in my school who has ever crossed the Atlantic Ocean on my boat. I can’t wait until we’ve arrived there.the end.

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