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Escapado - 8-9th November

8 dec
Happy birthday to kat! It’s been a steady day with lots of birthday cake, chocolate and lollipops. While we had two spinnaker disasters we recovered quickly from both events. First time was the spinnaker haliyad slipped of the winch self-talor. As we were sat on deck early morning all of a sudden a wizzing sound started, it took a few moments to realise what was happening however we managed to get the spinnaker down safely with no problems. Our next disaster happened at sunset, almost blinded by the sun the spinnaker began to wrap around the forstay, it was too late to retrieve so again we got the kite down quickly and another one up straight away! Food is still rationed, our creativity is been challenged as we work out different combinations of tinned meals, a big shout out to kat for keeping ideas flowing and mixing up the menu!

9 dec

Less than 48 hours left and Sophie has allowed a watch change to group ‘the children’ (as Jake describes) to one watch. Myself, Tom, Eddie and Charlie are now teamed together and currently running our first shift together, with Charlie as watch leader. To give a rough idea of our skills we have knocked up a top trump card for each crew member...

Crew profile:

Name: Charlie Warhurst
Age: 20
Hometown: Sheffield
Favourite food: Anything without vegetables
Favourite movie: Bee Movie
Strengths on board: Speed (followed by a broach)
Weaknesses: Keeping his feet on the ground when sweating. And, refusing to take off wellys and seal socks in 35 degrees (also sweating)
Arch enemy: Vegetables
Favourite beer: the cheapest
Top speed: 15.9 knots

Name: Tom Bowes
Age: 18
Hometown: Edinburgh, Lazaret
Favourite food: Anything as long as it’s in a wrap
Favourite movie: Braveheart
Strengths on board: running up the mast. And, being the centre of photo shoots
Weaknesses: Rationing. Sleeping with mouth shut, keeping sunglasses on his head
Arch enemy: Sunlight, flying fish
Favourite beer: Bellhaven best
Top speed: 14.3 knots

Name: Eddie Morison
Age: 19
Hometown: Chichester
Favourite food: Pringles
Favourite movie: Cars
Strengths on board: Borat + Ali G impressions. Sticking the boat in reverse
Weaknesses: Sea sickness - chunder count of 9
Arch enemy: Pipe cots, the fridge
Favourite beer: Amstel
Top speed: 15.1 knots

Name: Iona Nelson-Yeats
Age: 19
Hometown: Lake District
Favourite food: peanut butter rice cake
Favourite movie: Over the hedge
Strengths on board: Cooking a naughty curry
Weaknesses: Picking up flying fish, sending the blog off on time
Arch enemy: The Iridium, hot drinks
Favouri te beer: Gin drinker by the pint
Top speed: 14.1 knots

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