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Jubilate Mare - Are we there yet!

Faithful Followers we are a little fed up.

This has turned into a repeat of our crossing in 2017, with little, or no wind - very disappointing. We had hoped for better things this time.

Some boats in our class have already finished and we are currently lying 9th in a field of 16. We have had to give up on the cc and are under engine for the next few hours to try and make up some ground. ( Or should that be sea?! ) Winds are predicted to kick in later on tonight. But as to whether or not they will - well, your guess is as good as mine.

Outside temperature is 33 in the day, but a lot cooler overnight. The night watches are a real pleasure. The moon is rising later so that means we get to enjoy the stars. I actually saw my first shooting star, of this trip, last night. Other crew have been oohing and aahing over their sightings so I was pleased that I finally got to see one yesterday.

Still no joy with the fishing. One got away scot free this morning, a clump of seaweed was hauled aboard and yet another fish bit off the lure. We will try again at the end of the day when it's cooler. If we were able to successfully land something I think it would be a great boost to morale.

The latest info we have is that, despite our negative PCR results, before setting sail, and keeping our daily temperatures recorded, we will be subjected to further testing on arrival and have to stay quarantined, on our boats, for approx 48 hours whilst waiting for the results. I'm sure we will get the 'all clear'. After all after 3 weeks out on the ocean, with no-one else near us, I would be very surprised if we've somehow caught something! Now, if Covid was a fish . . .

I do hope you and yours are all keeping well. Has lock-down ended or any other restrictions been imposed upon you? I must say, it's been quite refreshing not to be bombarded by daily news reports. Fingers crossed that we will get to SL on Sunday. Bee at sea

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