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Jubilate Mare - Nearly, Nearly.


Well - we really, REALLY are nearly there. Less than 30 miles to go and a smudge of land visible on the horizon, and we nearly, almost, not quite, are within a mile of another boat yesterday. caught another fish too. A much bigger mahi mahi was on the line and what a fighter. Before it could be netted and safely landed aboard it escaped, bending the hook straight in the process.

No one guessed the arrival date as being today, so Koen and Elaine's (12th and 14th respectively) choices will fight it out over the closest time when we actually cross the finish line. Did you know that today is the feast of St Lucia? Nor did I until opening my Jacquie Lawson e-calendar this morning. Couldn't be better could it - and at least it's not a Friday!

So we shall shortly be having our last meal on the open water. We have one tortilla left, some ham, onion, olives and a freshly baked loaf. The avocados still aren't ripe yet and we have a large cabbage, eggs, one apple and some oranges in reserve; along with a healthy quantity of tinned and dry goods - not bad after 3 weeks at sea feeding 6 people. Robert has heartily eaten (with the exception of curry) everything put before him. His stock answer, when asked how he enjoyed his meal, is 'No complaints' - high praise indeed! And "I've never had anything quite like that". Hmmm. . . .

You can tell we are getting near land because we have a number of birds circling the boat and diving for fish. There are at least three different varieties and they are feasting on a shoal of flying fish.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that we came within a mile of another boat yesterday. It was a commercial ship and passed behind us on its way to Brazil. We saw the lights of something on the horizon once, plus of course being very close to the refugee boat; and that was it - just 3 vessels on almost 3,000 miles of water. A few boats in the fleet could be seen up to 3 days after leaving Las Palmas and then just miles upon miles of open water with nothing.

I will pick this up again when we finally arrive.

Bee at sea.

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