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Rush - Day 16-We’ve Escaped!!!!!!

Yesterday after 4 days if no wind the wind slightly started to pick up a little to about 6-8 knots, however still very sunny and hot causing a couple of us to get sunburnt!
We caught a Tuna, a skipjack according to our fish charts about 6-8kgs, which we had for dinner with noodles cooked by Alan, after having tuna for lunch too cooked by Nia that was caught from the day before.

The sunset as usual was stunning over the horizon, finally escaping the lightning from the opposite horizon that we had ben seeing for the last 3 nights! Star gazing and shooting star spotting as it got dark. Louis, Ian and Nia all spotting one each.

As the sun rose this morning the wind started to pick up at bit more with a few mini squalls where we were seeing up to 17knots but quietening down around mid day to an average of 12 knots, where we started to see signs of land and other life! With seaweed in the water and even a bird flying around! A little later on spotting a Russian cargo boat, or was it?!

Summer and Louis woke up to Sailor Ted and his new friends being very naughty and gambling their money with Mr Cuddles winning and all of them drinking the whiskey!

After putting the rod in for only half an hour we caught a Mahi-Mahi, a similar size to the last which is a perfect size for us! We do, however, seem to be running out of fridge space for it all with 1 meal of tuna and 2 of Mahi-Mahi now, but what better than fresh fish rather than tinned food for dinner.

We have just done the last time change, putting us on to St Lucia time, as we now have less than 500 miles left!!

Hannah :)


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