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Moonflower 3 - EPILOGUE

Our final blog from Moonflower 3

The last 48 hours has been one hell of a roller coaster. We arrived the evening of the 17th to a stunning Caribbean Sunset and a warm welcome from ‘Tim’ who sped out to us in his dingy and took some snaps of our arrival. A flood of emotions all around as we crossed the line as the final boat to finish the ARC this year.

We were given a stellar greeting by Tony Morgan and Giles who surprised us seconds after crossing the line with 7 cold Piton Beers whilst we bobbed around in the bay drinking in the experience. After 25 days at sea, we can promise you that never, NEVER, has a cold beer tasted so good.

Well. How to conclude this chapter? There’s too much to put into words or do justice to everything that has happened.

It’s been an absolute adventure for all of us; experienced sailors and novices alike. When we set off nearly a month ago it was as a group of friends, colleagues and strangers. 3200 miles later we’ve arrived in St Lucia as a family. A weird, disjointed, chaotic, nautical family with some serious wanderlust issues but a family nonetheless.

We’ve had some sky rocket highs: our Christmas dinner, fish catching, star gazing, countless stunning sunrises and sunsets and endless games, chats and deep life conversations. We’ve had some low moments: sea sickness, sleep deprivation and lack of wind leading to days and days in blistering heat going nowhere. But this 3 week rollercoaster ride has left its imprint on us all. Sailing across an ocean changes your perspective on certain things. Through the toil of waiting and wishing for wind we’ve all become a little more patient. By living nose to nose with 6 other people, sharing every meal and mile together, we’ve all grown that little bit more empathetic and tolerant. And after chasing the sunset for thousands of miles, for nearly a month, from one half of the world to the other to make it over the finish line with only hours to spare; we’ve been reminded of the potency of teamwork and positivity.

2020 has been a rollercoaster in itself. To see it off with such an epic adventure is more than any of us could have hoped for. Yes… we might still be sat in the quarantine dock waiting for our test results to come back so we can go and join the closing ceremony party. But the seven of us are feeling proud as punch and incredibly grateful for the lifelong memories.

That said. Please cross your fingers we get off this bloody quarantine dock soon. We might have survived 25 days on the ocean but 48 hours stuck here could be what finishes us off.

Huge congratulations to all the other boats and we hope to see you all this evening!

This is Moonflower 3. Out.

James Norbury

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