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Jubilate Mare - Day Umpteen

A mixed day in numerous ways.  Most of the fleet passed through a band of heavy and thundery squalls, with an uncomfortable night, lots of wet bottoms, and pirouettes.  But here we are on the sunny side! With zero wind. 
So we hoisted the Number two Volvo for the third time this trip.  Abstemious sailing zealots that we are. The wind-gods rewarded us this morning, with a good 8 knots behind us WeeHee!! So we made him (her?) an offering of the rainbow spinnaker after we had re-threaded it into the old snuffer. It worked a treat, and here we are under full rainbow highlights at a ghostly 4.6 knots. Just 0.4 less than the engine gave. Ho hum.
Still, now that we know we shall have diesel left, its time to do washing, have hot showers, bake bread, drink any excess beers, and generally be frivolous with our resources.  After all, there's only 6 days to go, right?? What could go wrong?
Pirate Pete

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