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Owner Keith Riley
Design Beneteau Oceanis 411 Clipper
Length Overall 12 m 78 cm
Flag Norway
Sail Number -

Orion’s previous owner cruised the Canary Islands for some years and then took her up to the UK to sell it. The present owner, Mr Ivar Tangen, who is also Norwegian, bought the boat in Southampton, UK
She was fitted with new standing and running rigging and had an extensive refit before being brought down to Gran Canaria by Keith Riley who is the skipper for this year's ARC

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Orion - FINISH .....

Hi3085 nm is now on the log. No,we haven't been drinking while we sail but this is the way our tactical plan was. There is still 140 to go, so we better be in St. Lucia around 12:00 tomorrow. We are surrounded by other Norwegian boats, and I have been in touch with them on the VHF. They have appr. 2700 on their logs...... better luck next time. ( If there will be any ).Right now we are sailing in a way I've never done before. Spinnaker in combination with genoa. It's too little wind for both the genoa and the spinnaker, but those two in combination works together and do increase the speed with 1 knot. Did I mention alcohol ? The only one who has had any alcohol on this tour, is the Blue Marlin Alex killed with vodka. I'm sorry to tell you this Hilde, but I'm gonna drink a really big beer. read more...


Orion - week 2, Thursday 13th. December

This night we had the strongest squall with visibility of 10 meters and wind of 35 knots. It only lasted for 5 - 10 minutes and Domingo was doing an excellent job keeping us going with 12 knots of speed. He was stirred, but not shaken. There was an inch of water in the cockpit just from rain. Wind speed is a bit down and all sails are up to pull us towards St Lucia. HenrikSextant shots of the sun were foiled yesterday by some badly placed clouds so I'm having another go today. The sky is clear, the horizon is stark and I'll see if the GPS is more accurate this time. I think we are somewhere near the Caribbean..., Barbara.Last night it was fun indeed. All of the sudden rain came down like i have never seen before, cross winds higher that 35 knots wave from every imaginable angle and. read more...


Orion - Week 2 Wednesday 12th December

Here on the 15th. day of sailing, we continue with great progress towards St. Lucia. We have been a bit liberal with freshwater consumption and need to save water the last 3 days. The compass light broke in the middle of the night and we had challenges steering. Keith and Rune made a heroic effort and dismantled the compass in high sea, used a gas operated soldering iron to fix the wires and got the light back again. Henrik Scorching hot all afternoon with a soft following breeze, one or two on board are starting to look a bit toasted. Slaving over a hot stove in the galley today with a bit more success than last time. Paella of sorts after much tin-opening but very tasty. I feel like I've had an all day sauna. Hope there's a cool breeze tonight, Barbara. Well all has been said, we are. read more...


Orion - Week 2Tuesday 11th December

We have been sailing for 2 weeks and are now going with the tradewind meaning more comfort, sunshine and the course directly towards St Lucia. We have to charge with the engine running twice a day to keep up with the consumption. Best estimate for arrival is Saturday if we can maintain the speed we have now. That would be great :-) Hernik. To see the plots on a paper chart means a lot more, comparing days run, figuring into our progress the current, allowing the different values of variation and the effect it has to what you read on the compass. It does not draw the power either. The distance to go is now conversation topic, where as a few days ago it was how far we have come. The salt water shampoo is now a great fun daily exercise, cool down and byproduct we get clean as well.. read more...


Orion - Week 2 Monday 10th December

Back to the old watch system as there are not enough bunks for everyone to get a comfy sleep. Overnight there was sheet lightning that lit up half the sky and heavy rain. It was like the start of the Bourne Ultimatum except we didn't find Jason Bourne floating unconscious in the sea.. shame. Because of the lightning we put the hand-held VHF radio in the oven to act as a Faraday cage and protect it in case all our other systems went down. It was rescued before tonight's dinner fortunately! Barbara. A great aspect about the ARC is they organise there departure date from Las Palmas a week after all the shops have stocked with there christmas cakes, sweets and chocolate which is ideal when considering a victualling for the trip. We have a new treat every day at sundown. Progress is up and. read more...

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