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Orion - Week 2 Wednesday 12th December

Here on the 15th. day of sailing, we continue with great progress towards St. Lucia. We have been a bit liberal with freshwater consumption and need to save water the last 3 days. The compass light broke in the middle of the night and we had challenges steering. Keith and Rune made a heroic effort and dismantled the compass in high sea, used a gas operated soldering iron to fix the wires and got the light back again. Henrik

Scorching hot all afternoon with a soft following breeze, one or two on board are starting to look a bit toasted. Slaving over a hot stove in the galley today with a bit more success than last time. Paella of sorts after much tin-opening but very tasty. I feel like I've had an all day sauna. Hope there's a cool breeze tonight, Barbara.

Well all has been said, we are having shortages of almost everything but the good spirit. I was concern that barbara's would cook for dinner tonight deep fry pizza and mars bars, but she surprised us all with a supertasty version paella from Glasgow. As is frequent in the sea you have to go north to get close to the south, or the other way around, but hopefully we will get there before the party is over or they finish with the cerveza supply Domingo

The last hurdle to jump in the race is probably the hardest and we are getting close to ours, I am studying the weather, variation and wind shifts to try and get the best for us all, Orion included, Last night we were pooped and suffered damage of a good soaking. Refreshing but nobody saw and laughed. and a torn tie on the lazy jack stack and pack system. I never did like them anyway. The sun shines, the sea is blue, we are having a ball and we wish the same to you. Keith

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