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Orion - Week 2Tuesday 11th December

We have been sailing for 2 weeks and are now going with the tradewind meaning more comfort, sunshine and the course directly towards St Lucia. We have to charge with the engine running twice a day to keep up with the consumption. Best estimate for arrival is Saturday if we can maintain the speed we have now. That would be great :-) Hernik.

To see the plots on a paper chart means a lot more, comparing days run, figuring into our progress the current, allowing the different values of variation and the effect it has to what you read on the compass. It does not draw the power either. The distance to go is now conversation topic, where as a few days ago it was how far we have come. The salt water shampoo is now a great fun daily exercise, cool down and byproduct we get clean as well. Keith

More thunder and lightning last night then the most stunning crescent moon rose into a clearing sky. Millions of visible stars, two shooting stars and then a rainbow today, it is beautiful. The night watches are hard when it is cloudy as nothing outside the boat comes into focus properly. It's a relief when the sky clears. With the genoa poled out we are goosewinging along, although it is easy to set the boat yawing to and fro. The count down is on. Barbara.

It feels like in a Harry Potter film when at night those scary black figure engulfs the yacht before discharging it electrical power near you. Oups lightening and we are here surrender by water an the only 20 meters metal mast in the horizon. Interesting. Now we count how many miles are left to St Lucia as oppose to the miles from Las Palmas and the conversation easy develop on what it will be first the bear or the shower... what a silly question indeed... Domingo

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