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Orion - week 2, Thursday 13th. December

This night we had the strongest squall with visibility of 10 meters and wind of 35 knots. It only lasted for 5 - 10 minutes and Domingo was doing an excellent job keeping us going with 12 knots of speed. He was stirred, but not shaken. There was an inch of water in the cockpit just from rain. Wind speed is a bit down and all sails are up to pull us towards St Lucia. Henrik

Sextant shots of the sun were foiled yesterday by some badly placed clouds so I'm having another go today. The sky is clear, the horizon is stark and I'll see if the GPS is more accurate this time. I think we are somewhere near the Caribbean..., Barbara.

Last night it was fun indeed. All of the sudden rain came down like i have never seen before, cross winds higher that 35 knots wave from every imaginable angle and visibility lesser than the length of the boat. We reached an average speed of 15 knots before I decided that I should not be watching the instruments and stir the yacht at the same time on those conditions. It was the most exhilarating 10 minutes of time I have ever experienced and although I really fought to the limit when it finally subsided I wished I had more. We are now back to the usual 15-20 knots downwind towards Rodney Bay. Domingo

Today is the birthday of my girlfriend Marina. I'm shaving! It's celebrate for me. Happy birthday, my love! Alex.
I am glad he did not have more!!!!! We have got ourself,s on the correct side of a poor wind hole and our finish is ahead by 255 miles so hope to finish in about 40 hours. Keith

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