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Orion - FINISH .....

3085 nm is now on the log. No,we haven't been drinking while we sail but this is the way our tactical plan was. There is still 140 to go, so we better be in St. Lucia around 12:00 tomorrow. We are surrounded by other Norwegian boats, and I have been in touch with them on the VHF. They have appr. 2700 on their logs...... better luck next time. ( If there will be any ).
Right now we are sailing in a way I've never done before. Spinnaker in combination with genoa. It's too little wind for both the genoa and the spinnaker, but those two in combination works together and do increase the speed with 1 knot. Did I mention alcohol ? The only one who has had any alcohol on this tour, is the Blue Marlin Alex killed with vodka. I'm sorry to tell you this Hilde, but I'm gonna drink a really big beer and buy the largest cigar I can find when we arrive in St. Lucia.
( One now and 1 on Christmas evening ) Promise....
That's all

Fair winds

HI there, this adventure is coming to an end after 18 days at sea. Too many moments to share on the log and even more that will remain in the middle of the Atlantic where they belong. I can not wait to break this self-imposed alcohol rehabilitation of 3 weeks with a chilled pint of West Indies genuine beer, before shower indeed. Someone told me that sailors that have crossed the Atlantic have the right to wear red trousers and I am looking forward to get mines. Now a well deserved rest in St Lucia for a week before returning to the UK by Christmas. Adios and Good speed. Domingo
Our blog read my friends. Tomorrow we'll be in Rodney Bay....may be! We need good wind for good finish. Asta la vista manjana! Alex.

We are nearly there and the beautiful sunsets, shooting star night-storms, rainbows and blue skies studded with white fluffy clouds all add to the spectacle. Maybe it's because Christmas is near that everyone is thinking of alcohol but once we are tied up, mine is a large G & T darling!!! Cheers, Barbara.

Playing with a Kite in light winds is all absorbing, so my best wishes to you all before we get a wrapp. I may have the beer and cigar as well. Keith, Captain

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