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Orion - Week 2 Monday 10th December

Back to the old watch system as there are not enough bunks for everyone to get a comfy sleep. Overnight there was sheet lightning that lit up half the sky and heavy rain. It was like the start of the Bourne Ultimatum except we didn't find Jason Bourne floating unconscious in the sea.. shame. Because of the lightning we put the hand-held VHF radio in the oven to act as a Faraday cage and protect it in case all our other systems went down. It was rescued before tonight's dinner fortunately! Barbara.

A great aspect about the ARC is they organise there departure date from Las Palmas a week after all the shops have stocked with there christmas cakes, sweets and chocolate which is ideal when considering a victualling for the trip. We have a new treat every day at sundown. Progress is up and down with sail chnges to suit the squalls, if we log them all we will run out of paper.Keith.

Todady I slept like a baby after returning back to the original watch system, what a relief indeed. In the morning, with some degree of sleep deprivation, the boom swang unexpectedly across the cockpit and we were luck that we did not get seriously injured. I know shit happens, but this should not have happened period. From now onwards I will keep my head down just in case. DOMINGO

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