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Amelie d'Oslo
Owner Per Arvid Holt
Design Bavaria Cruiser 50
Length Overall 15 m 40 cm
Flag Norway
Sail Number

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Amelie d'Oslo - See the sea!

O’hoi stuntmen and princesses!   We are now approaching Portugal and Lagos in good speed! The wind has finally picked up and we are back to the life that tilts over sideways.  If we keep this speed we will arrive in Lagos tomorrow some time mid day, which after our calculations will be exactly at beer o’clock. Yesterday the Norwegian delegation on the boat feed the American crew with a classic Viking dish called Fårikål, which is lamb and cabbage in a pot. People were happy, and we are now sailing around with the power of the lamb inside us. I think that might become useful as the boat is now starting to tilt over quite a bit, and we all know that lamb does a good job saying upright even in the steepest hills. For dessert we went back to the American continent and. read more...


Amelie d'Oslo - Half way

Boa dia mama mia!  We have now been on the boat for 40 something days and the end is getting closer and closer. It will be nice to get back to the normal life on shore, but I’m sure the easy life at sea will be missed like a Swedish skier misses a gold medal.  Today we have partly clouded weather, but the temperature is getting better. The wind is still lost somewhere else out on the ocean, so we have been motor sailing the whole day.  Our great captain Skip-Per made both bread and Bacalau (not sure how you spell that) today. This was probably one of the better dinners we have had the whole trip! And considering it was the first time he made it, based on a brief explanation from a woman in the Azores, it could not have been done better! (You would have been proud. read more...


Amelie d'Oslo - Day two-dodelo

Coco nous petites cornichons!  Another great and eventful day is coming towards the end. Today we saw dolphins, a huge cargo ship and a loot of salt water. Not all of us saw the dolphins because the reaction when someone shouts “Dolphins” is ...“…” (The three dots indicate no reaction).  Mike has been studying a bit for his Yacht master, the rest of us has been studying the great skill of procrastination. We practise book reading, coffee drinking, beer drinking, dinner eating, whale spotting (without luck) and dish washing.  We had a brief talk with Easy Rider and our Danish friends over there. We also had a talk with La Chunga, both are other ARC Europe boats and they were doing great.  Other trivia I can expose here on the internet is that we went from sailing. read more...


Amelie d'Oslo - Back in the pool!

Hola mucho grande amores!  The arc fleet has now set of on thelast leg towards Europe. While writing this we are about 50nm off shore.The last days in Santa Maria has been great!  While sailing over to Santa Maria from SaintMiguel Mad Fish (another ARC boat) caught an 18 kg (40pound) tuna! This resulted in atuna feast when we docked up. Everything was planed over the VHF while sailingtowards the island. High fives to Mad Fish!   The marina we were in was great! Asthis is the smallest island we visit here in the Azores we were not to sure about how it was going to be.We pictured a deserted island, where you would have to hang out in the backyardof the local gas station owner’s garden to get a beer. Luckily we were wrong!   The marina has a great “naval club”where they. read more...


Amelie d'Oslo - Land in sight!

Coco gros pomplemouse!   We are now approaching European territory, and the Azores is only a few nautical miles away. The crew is eager on lay their sloppy corps in the arms of mother earth again. Felling hear dusty and polluted skin, and being able to take a piss standing upright.  In this blog post we would like to give out some creed to people that has done an outstanding effort in making this leg as good as it could possibly be:  First of all to our self, because we now have 6 bottles of beer left this means that our beer planning could not have been better!  Second shout out goes once again to our self for holding this plastic Jacuzzi floating for 13 days.  And last but not least to King Neptune for not inviting us to dine with him this Sunday. Rumours. read more...

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