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Amelie d'Oslo - See the sea!

O’hoi stuntmen and princesses!



We are now approaching Portugal and Lagos in good speed! The wind has finally picked up and we are back to the life that tilts over sideways.


If we keep this speed we will arrive in Lagos tomorrow some time mid day, which after our calculations will be exactly at beer o’clock.


Yesterday the Norwegian delegation on the boat feed the American crew with a classic Viking dish called Fårikål, which is lamb and cabbage in a pot. People were happy, and we are now sailing around with the power of the lamb inside us. I think that might become useful as the boat is now starting to tilt over quite a bit, and we all know that lamb does a good job saying upright even in the steepest hills.

For dessert we went back to the American continent and served chocolate brownies. That pan was all cleaned out after a couple of minutes for some reason.


This might be the last blog we write at sea, we will of course try to tell you about life once we reach shore. On Saturday we are celebrating Jakes birthday, and considering how the last birthday went on this boat, I believe we are up for some good times!

(The blog will continue through the Mediterranean, but then only on not on the ARC site)


 We love you all, and hope that you give out a loot of free hugs today, and that you tell many people around you that they are great (even if they are not).


Love and sea weed from the entire Amelie Crew!!

- Kasper

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