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Amelie d'Oslo - Back in the pool!

Hola mucho grande amores!


The arc fleet has now set of on the last leg towards Europe. While writing this we are about 50nm off shore. The last days in Santa Maria has been great!


While sailing over to Santa Maria from Saint Miguel Mad Fish (another ARC boat) caught an 18 kg (40pound) tuna! This resulted in a tuna feast when we docked up. Everything was planed over the VHF while sailing towards the island. High fives to Mad Fish!


The marina we were in was great! As this is the smallest island we visit here in the Azores we were not to sure about how it was going to be. We pictured a deserted island, where you would have to hang out in the backyard of the local gas station owner’s garden to get a beer. Luckily we were wrong!


The marina has a great “naval club” where they serve beer. (So already there we were pretty relieved). The locals were super friendly and on Saturday morning the majority of the “younger” people on the fleet joined Zumba on the dock.

I was smart enough to say out way to loud: “Wow, Zumba is great” at the same moment that the instructor took hear jacked of and was dancing around in hear tiny Zumba shirt.

Final conclusion is that we have now worked out for a while and can lie around on the boat without worrying about our bellies getting bigger.


Saturday we got local food and saw a folklore show. Considering the fact that there was unlimited free beer, this was a great event. Later that day the young crew climbed up the mountain to get to town, where there was supposed to be a reggae concert. This happened to be true, but funny enough the same bar/place had thrown a birthday party for a 7 year old kid. So we had beer and birthday cake while listening to the music. The night did once again end up in the Naval Club where there had been a fishing contest that day. It seems that a loot of people here fish (not so unusual you would think) so we got to hang out with the native people, and they were awesome.


We also need to mention that while sailing out towards the start line this morning a group of drummers was playing at the breakwater. It was just perfect!


The “at sea” routine is already well established. That means that we have all been sleeping for a couple of hours during the day, eat a great dinner composed by Andy, and talked hours of trash in the cockpit.


The sea is calm and we are doing an average of 6 knots with the wind coming from behind. Life is wonderful!


We hope you are all doing well!


Container ships of love from the Amelie Crew!
- Kasper  


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