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Amelie d'Oslo - Land in sight!

Coco gros pomplemouse!



We are now approaching European territory, and the Azores is only a few nautical miles away. The crew is eager on lay their sloppy corps in the arms of mother earth again. Felling hear dusty and polluted skin, and being able to take a piss standing upright.


In this blog post we would like to give out some creed to people that has done an outstanding effort in making this leg as good as it could possibly be:


First of all to our self, because we now have 6 bottles of beer left this means that our beer planning could not have been better!


Second shout out goes once again to our self for holding this plastic Jacuzzi floating for 13 days.


And last but not least to King Neptune for not inviting us to dine with him this Sunday. Rumours say that he was throwing a party, and despite the fact that all the girls there would probably be soaking wet, we thought it would be better to stay on top of the water.


 The coming days we will tell you more about how awesome Azores is, and you will finally be able to see our beautiful faces again, as China will now let us post pictures on our blog again.


Super much love, from the super-mega-hot-flaming-power-nuclear-rocket-bazooka-strawberry-daiquiri crew at Amelie d’Oslo!

Your most humble servant Kasper


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