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Amelie d'Oslo - Day two-dodelo

Coco nous petites cornichons!


Another great and eventful day is coming towards the end. Today we saw dolphins, a huge cargo ship and a loot of salt water. Not all of us saw the dolphins because the reaction when someone shouts “Dolphins” is ...“…” (The three dots indicate no reaction).


Mike has been studying a bit for his Yacht master, the rest of us has been studying the great skill of procrastination. We practise book reading, coffee drinking, beer drinking, dinner eating, whale spotting (without luck) and dish washing.


We had a brief talk with Easy Rider and our Danish friends over there. We also had a talk with La Chunga, both are other ARC Europe boats and they were doing great.


Other trivia I can expose here on the internet is that we went from sailing wing on wing or butterfly this morning, that’s when we have the jib and the cutter up. (If you don’t know what this is its two triangle sails hanging in the front of the boat. I also had to ask what the names of those sails where, so don’t feel bad and ignore me trying to show of my sailing skills)

The wind decided that he would take the party elsewhere so this afternoon we have been motoring with some help from the jib.


Throughout the day the swell picked up a bit, we had around three meters high waves, which I think are the highest waves we have had the whole crossing (!).


 Take advantage of your maybe most beautiful day!





What can I possibly write that isn’t mentioned already, we had a great but not really exiting day. And we are content with that. Not all days need to be exiting. Sometimes it’s OK just sitting, looking at the horizon let the time go by without any remorse for wasting time.

Good for the soul.


We are continuing our journey in to the night, its looks like we going to have a clear sky full of stars, planets, shooting stars, satellites and the moon of course. The sea around us will be full of fluorescing light. Absolutely magnificent and it’s feels like we are sailing on a ship through space.

It’s one of they thing you can’t understand before you have experienced it.



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