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IceBear - Fabulous Fiji
IceBear - Fabulous Fiji

Blue Pearl - Paradise

This is the first time I am writing my little rally blurb sitting ashore, poolside at the Paradise Resort on the Island of Taveuni. If you want to experience peace in the South Pacific and excellent service, book a room here. It is simple but very special.We arrived here early Friday morning after a wonderful overnight sail from the Bay of Islands in Vanua Baluva ,where we had checked into the country of Fiji, which I reported on in my last blog.When I wrote that blog I didn't know yet about the bat colony in the Bay of Islands. This is a sight to be seen. Late in the afternoon we dinghied to bat country. Now, these are not the little black creatures that might fly around your attic. These are big bruisers about the size of a bird and there are hundreds if not thousand of them. They fly. read more...


Mischief - Up to Mischief Log 50 Further adventures of S/Y Mischief through the eyes and ears of Chas Baynes

Friday, 15th June 2018 - start of Yasawa Island Group cruiseI was up really early this morning. Not only because Dave and Wendy needed to be in a taxi for the airport at 6.30 am but that curry last night was having its usual 'morning after' effect!So, having said cheerio and good luck, I was immediately promoted to acting Skipper……the responsibility! So now we have just the four of us on board me, Trevor, Gary and Marian. But first things first: provisioning for ten days. We all jumped in a taxi to the Nadi Town central market and the taxi driver said he would then take us on to the supermarket and then the butchers. Nadi town is about ten minutes away. When asked how much it would cost he shrugged and said "We'll see", which is always a worry. We went to the most amazing fresh produce. read more...


IceBear - Bay of Islands Lau Group June 12-16

Every place we go seems more beautiful than the previous place. Lomolomo is in the Lau Group and we gave Kava as a gift to the Chief and then proceeded to go around the island to a pretty cove that had a beautiful large cabin cruiser tied up to a small pier and then we saw an ATV parked on the rocks. There were 271 stairs that led to a magnificent plantation cut from the hills and mountains overlooking the Pacific! It reminded Kurt of a beautiful 18 hole golf course with palm trees dotting the middle of fairways,except with cows and horses and sheep grazing in the middle of the course! They were all busy cutting the grass. There were concrete cart trails all along this course.Every few acres, new fencing had been put up and we were greeted by a native woman who worked there. She showed. read more...


Mischief - Up to Mischief Log 49 Further adventures of S/Y Mischief through the eyes and ears of Chas Baynes

Wednesday, 13th June 2018 - En route to Viti Levu island, FijiA really comfortable night at anchor other than having a heavy rain squall requiring all the hatches to be shut pronto! But up at first light to prepare the boat for an early departure for one of the main islands in Fiji, Viti Levu and Port Denarau marina. The anchor came up at 7am covered in mud (good holding but had to scrub the decks) and headed for a nearby exit from the lagoon purported to be 100 meters wide. It was difficult to see the opening at all through the breaking surf even though it was fairly calm waters as the gap was at an angle to our course. I was on the bow calling the course as the chart plotter had us actually on the reef on solid ground - they can't be trusted as I've said before and need a healthy bit. read more...


Blue Pearl - Lau Group

We cleared into Fiji in the village of Lomaloma on the Lau Group Island of Vanua Baluva on Monday June 11th. The Lau Group of Islands ,for those of you trying to find them on the map,are also called the Exploring Isles. We had to wait all day for the various officials to show up at the boat to do their thing which usually consists of filling out lots of forms and taking a cursory look around the boat for things like fresh fruit and vegetables and other things that come from non-Fiji territory and might carry some deadly bacteria exposing the locals to all sorts of maladies. But they tend to be very nice people. So, we are now legally in Fiji and cleared to explore the territory. There are some complications with that for example some of the outlying islands have a local "King" who, when. read more...


Mischief - Up to Mischief Log 48 Further adventures of S/Y Mischief through the eyes and ears of Chas Baynes

Monday, 11th June 2018 -Bay of Islands, Vavua Balava, FijiWhat a glorious place this is! These anchorages just get better and better, despite the fact that the cockpit is a graveyard for mozzies and moths this morning after Dave's efforts last night with the spray can. We all went off in different directions this morning with snorkels. I had the most marvelous swim for an hour and a half in brilliant sunlight in perfectly clear water, back in time to see the Arc fleet start to trickle in from Lomaloma, so now our secluded anchorage is less so but good to see them regardless. It seems that Someday and Amara had climbed up the hill overlooking our bay and have taken some cracking photos of us at anchor. Also, the news is that two of the catamarans on leaving the last anchorage ran aground. read more...


Mischief - Up to Mischief Log 47 Further adventures of S/Y Mischief through the eyes and ears of Chas Baynes

Saturday, 9th June 2018 - Arrival Lomaloma, Vavua Balavu Lau Group, FijiThe seas remained uncomfortable throughout the night moderating early morning, despite the wind dropping slightly. It had also moved around to the NE requiring a gybe on change of watch, but it put us onto a decent angle for Vavua Balavu at least. Also, Shepherd Moon had caught right up with us as were under reduced sail and passed us so close that should I have had a long enough run up I could have jumped and landed on her deck.Nothing quite like cruising in close company at night!At first light Land Ahoy! I was below so not sure who won the Blue Peter Badge, but we need to make a new one anyway as the old one has been stolen no doubt for auction somewhere. We arrived at the entrance to the lagoon surrounded by. read more...


IceBear - June 10 Sunday Going to Fiji

Hey Folks,We left Tonga after 12 days of rest and relaxation,getting provisions and fuel and enjoying Enolei Botanical Garden and the VaVaU group.The Kingdom of Tonga was like no other group of islands we visited. It is a lush New England green and reminds me of Maine, except for the palm trees.Its people are proud and dignified, usually wearing their customary skirts even for the men. They are very religious and church services are formal and crowded with church goers, unlike trends you see in the states where numbers of attendees are dwindling.So far, for the last 3 legs, there is only Kurt and myself. That is from Tahiti we had Calle who was awesome. We raced the Tahiti Pearl Regatta with Calle, but he said goodbye to be on Pretaixte when we arrived in Bora Bora. From Bora Bora we. read more...


Blue Pearl - Tonga

We'll be arriving in the Lau Group of Islands tomorrow morning. This small archipelago is part of the country of Fiji where we will spend the next 3 weeks. We left Tonga yesterday morning (Saturday) having arrived there from Nuie on Monday. So we spent 5 days in Tonga, which is also an archipelago, but did not venture beyond the harbor we arrived at and where we checked into the country.We didn't see anything of Tonga beyond the small town ashore and the botanical gardens which are owned by a talkative gentleman (I forget his name) who is proud to show people around and tell them the story of his life including the facts that he inherited the land ,that is now his botanical garden, at age 8 and that for a number of years he was the minister of agriculture, fisheries and something else. read more...


Mischief - Up to Mischief Log 46 Further adventures of S/Y Mischief through the eyes and ears of Chas Baynes

Thursday, 7 June 2018 - depart Tonga for FijiWe sat filling out customs forms for departure - tons of them, asking exactly the same information as for those on clearance in which is a bit ridiculous. So afterwards Dave went to see Customs in Mangoes and Gary, Trevor and I walked up to the shops to get some more onions and stuff for lunches plus some beer naturally. We used every last cent of Tonga dollars bar $6 I had in my pocket which I spent on a tube of toothpaste from a street seller lady on the way back to the boat. We had just started back when I heard Dave shouting from the water in the dinghy - he had come down to the small dinghy dock as he had just had a call from Rally Control that we had been allocated an earlier refueling slot at 1030 so as it was already 1015 we had to get. read more...


Mischief - Up to Mischief Log 45 Further adventures of S/Y Mischief through the eyes and ears of Chas Baynes

Friday, 1st June 2018 - Neiafu harbor, TongaA slow news morning on board Mischief. So, went ashore late morning and had a bacon sarney at Mangoes where as usual the wifi was poor so Dave and I went up to the shops to buy some beer for tomorrow evenings' BBQ at Rob and Sue's B&B.We had been informed by Stanley (a waiter at the Refuge bar just on shore from our mooring) a day or so back that there was to be a school's rugby match today, and he would happily take us. So, after we had stowed the beer aboard we made our way across to the Refuge where Stanley was busy digging a roasting pit for the Tongan Feast taking place there this evening. He broke off and took Dave, Trevor and I up to one of the larger schools for what transpired to be a full-on rugby tournament finals. We met Rob and. read more...


Blue Pearl - Niue

We left Niue last night, Friday evening,after spending a couple of enjoyable days there. It was "plane" day when we left. Plane day is when the plane arrives from New Zealand and there is much excitement around that. There are two plane days a week Tuesday and Friday. As a "yachtie", which is what they call us here,it is hard to leave, clear out, on plane daybecause all the customs and immigration officers are at the airport busy with the plane people. And , of course, Monday was going to be a holiday again (the Queen's birthday) so the customs officers were kind enough to clear us out Thursday afternoon but allow us to stay through the weekend.We enjoyed Niue but it is different. There are no cemeteries and people are buried in their own yard.So, Grandma and Grandpa are still right. read more...


Mischief - Up to Mischief Log 44 Further adventures of S/Y Mischief through the eyes and ears of Chas Baynes

Tuesday, 29th May 2018 -Neiafu harbor, TongaA Boat Day for me! Whilst Dave, Wendy and Trevor went ashore I stayed on board and tidied sails, ropes etc, did some washing and updated the blog. Very nice just to spend time on your own sometimes and catch up with yourself.The weather has certainly brightened up form yesterday. After we dropped our lines from Spirit of Catherine this morning at 7am we motored to the moorings where there are plenty of buoys to choose from, so we are now sat on a mooring some 100 meters off the Mangoes jetty, very convenient for the pub!Dave came over to the boat mid-afternoon to pick me up and we spent the rest of the day and most of the evening there when, a little worse for wear we came back again! The prices are so much cheaper here than in French Polynesia. read more...


Mischief - Up to Mischief Log 43 Further adventures of S/Y Mischief through the eyes and ears of Chas Baynes

Saturday, 26th May 2018 - En route Vava'u, TongaThere was no wind at all last night and a calm sea so we are presently motoring towards Vava'u, Tonga.Ironically, the SSB radio net at 8am announced that Niue had now relented and all ARC yachts were now able to check in and check out at the same time but only today, Saturday. It's a bit late as we are now well passed Niue and even Adrienne, the last ARC yacht to make a decision has also decided to make direct for Tonga. A real shame as Niue is reported to be a real highlight. Also, the weather front that is coming through tomorrow supposedly is timed for around midnight so we ought to be well in harbor by then, hopefully in the Irish bar should we have found one. 1200 position: 18 degs 14.8' S171 degs 30.9' WC: 265SOG: 6.5W: S 7kntsDTR:. read more...


Mischief - Up to Mischief Log 42 Further adventures of S/Y Mischief through the eyes and ears of Chas Baynes

Thursday, 24th May 2018 - en route to NuieA clear night lit by a half moon with 15-18 knots of wind from across the beam giving us 7-8 knots boat speed and with a comfortable sea it was perfect sailing. It was so constant conditions we went through two watches of three hours without touching a single thing, really unusual, on a course of 225 degs direct to Nuie.At first light I noticed a pin had come out of one of the batten cars on the mast track and the metal batten end was digging chunks out of the mast. As soon as Dave was up we were up on deck with a second reef in so that we could reach the batten car to drop a bolt into it, dropped the reef out again and off we went - sorted. We were rewarded with a perfect sunrise with no cloud to block the view.The radio net at 8am was still a. read more...


Blue Pearl - On the way again

Blue Pearl is about 450 nautical miles west of Tahiti on the way to the island of Niue. It is a beautiful day with a nice wind pushing us along at about 7-7.5 knots. Not bad..!The loyal reader may remember that we were back in Tahiti to have some repairs completed and to wait for a  generator part to arrive from the US. All that was done on Friday of last week but then we found out that we could not leave until the following Tuesday because the customs and immigration office was closed from Friday 2.00pm until Tuesday morning.But underway we are and we have had some excitement too. Yesterday late afternoon several whales decided to swim along with us for a while. They were showing their fins and backs and blowing big spouts up in the air. First time we have seen these big guys since. read more...


Mischief - Up to Mischief Log 41 Further adventures of S/Y Mischief through the eyes and ears of Chas Baynes

Tuesday, 22nd May 2018 - Suwarrow anchorage, Cook IslandsI went for an early snorkel over to a shallow patch about 250 meters off where the rangers had suggested the mantas may be, but Tuesday would appear to be their day off; I did see a grey shark but little else although the coral is fascinating. On the way back, Solitude was trying to lift her anchor from 15 meters of water, and it became stuck in bommies. I tried to pull the chain sideways to no avail and ultimately Rick brought his scuba gear over and dived on the anchor and chain with Dave in the dinghy with a trip line that Rick tied on to the anchor shaft. The chain soon was freed but the hook of the anchor wedged itself under a big coral head and was well and truly stuck - it came away eventually with a great lump attached that. read more...


Mischief - Up to Mischief Log 40 Further adventures of S/Y Mischief through the eyes and ears of Chas Baynes

Monday, 21 May 2018 - Suwarrow at anchorA slow start to the day - still in bed at 8am! Definite sleep catch-up, as I managed to fall asleep at the last night. Dave wanted to sort out the radar this morning which had stopped working during the thunderstorm the other night at sea so asked Rick from Amara, an electronics engineer to come over to assist, which he did once he had fixed Emily Morgan's computer - a busy man indeed. I had nothing to offer so went snorkeling. I was out seemingly for hours and found a wreck of a yacht, saw a huge turtle with his left side back flipper missing as well as part of his shell, a survivor of a shark attack no doubt some years ago. The water is so clear it is not too different from air and the scenery is amazing. However, I didn't see a single shark. read more...


Mischief - Up to Mischief Log 39 Further adventures of S/Y Mischief through the eyes and ears of Chas Baynes

Friday, 18 May 2018 - en route to Suwarrow stillA quiet night in terms of squalls, in fact we were by-passed by a couple and from 2400 there was nothing but clear skies and stars with a 15-20 knot breeze from the NE, with one reef in just in case. We were still doing 7 knots though. At the radio net this morning we were addressed as "Shark Catcher", better than the previous 'Miscreants'; 'Misfits'; or 'Mischievious', accurate though they may be. Should we be the only boat to catch one maybe we will be the 'Lone Shark', who knows? But the position reports put us furthest west of the fleet, not by much, but it does mean we are leading at this point in time. Spinnaker up at 9am, no problems, as we aim to reach Suwarrow in the early hours of Sunday for slack water is at 6am or 12 noon.. read more...


IceBear - Blog Entry-Suwarrow

In the middle of the South Pacific lies a small atoll discovered by a Russian named Suvarov.The atoll is also called by that name and, after a 600 mile sail from Bora Bora we are here. But not without a significant emergency aboard Mad Monkey. At 1600 hours, a Pan Pan was radioed from Mad Monkey."We have lost our rudder and fear the ingress of water and are prepared to launch our life raft."Thank God that was the worst case scenario and their rudder actually came loose from its upper bearings and actually "dropped" down through the rudder post a number of inches and would have gone had it not been for Markand his crew jury rigging a loop of DYNEEMA through the top of the rudder and attaching it the spinnaker halyard and laterally to the traveller.World Arc boats immediately turned to aid. read more...

Cayuse - World ARC fleet in Suwarrow
Cayuse - World ARC fleet in Suwarrow

Mischief - Up to Mischief Log 38 Further adventures of S/Y Mischief through the eyes and ears of Chas Baynes

Wednesday, 16th May 2018 - en route to SuwarrowThe wind eased as the night progressed, dropped to below 10 knots and came around onto the beam so we had to drop the genoa off the spinnaker pole. But come daylight, just as my watch ended at 0600, Dave rigged the spinnaker to hoist so no sleep for me with him clambering all over the deck and calling instructions aft, so I gave up and went back on deck to set the sail and we are now back to 8 knots boat speed in 15 knots of wind on a course of 290 degrees. There was a medical emergency overnight on one of our fellow ARC fleet boats, Lunatix the fastest boat in the fleet. Apparently a crew member had got in the way of the mainsheet on an accidental gybe and the gybe preventer failed: head injuries and lacerations resulted, and he is lucky to. read more...

Cayuse - anchored in Suwarrow
Cayuse - anchored in Suwarrow

Blue Pearl - Back in Tahiti

Our cruising life is full of surprises. Last time I reported on our wonderful time in the Society Islands and our upcoming visit to Bora Bora, the last island of this island group included in our itinerary. And now, unexpectedly, Blue Pearl is back at the dock in Tahiti awaiting arrival of a replacement part for our generator from the US.Our generator had started to malfunction and the nearest place for repairs to be made was Tahiti, so here we are. The sail back from Bora Bora to Tahiti was interesting. It was a nice windy night so we happily sailed along, we didn't have the generator to charge our batteries when the time came but we did have the boat engine which could do the same thing.. Or so we thought..! When the time came to charge and we turned the engine on the alternator (the. read more...


Libeccio - Suwarrow- first group ashore

The first World ARC group to reach Suwarrow held a combined sundowner and litter pick-up event this evening. All boats participated. The group first went across to the windward side using a trail that lead between the buildings that remain on the island all the way out to the windward shore line. The group split into two and went different directions around the island. In doing so, the island was circumnavigated by the two groups and all litter was collected along the way.Following the collection, everyone gathered on the beach by the dock to enjoy their sundowners and each other company.A very pleasant evening was had by all,Kevin and JaneS/V Libeccio. read more...


Mischief - Up to Mischief Log 37 Further adventures of S/Y Mischief through the eyes and ears of Chas Baynes

Monday, 14th May 2018 - Off Bora Bora Yacht ClubWe had to do a generator service this morning early so was outside at 7am pumping away at an oil pump which was a real heart starter I can tell you.Today is preparations day for the re-start tomorrow so ashore at 9.30am for the Skippers briefing then along to the Gendarmerie with passports to check out of French Polynesia then into the supermarket where two trolley loads cost £600! Unfortunately, they had no tortilla wraps which we use a lot and neither did they have any eggs, would you believe which is a bit ironic given the number of chickens there are running amok around the island. The Super U market didn't have any either but they did say that more were to be delivered one hour after we leave for Suwarrow. But the shop did have a. read more...


Mischief - Up to Mischief Log 36 Further adventures of S/Y Mischief through the eyes and ears of Chas Baynes

Saturday 12th May 2018 - Back to Bora BoraWoke at 0220 as I suddenly had a thought that I hadn't tied the dinghy on properly, then of course you have to get up to check. At last it had stopped raining and the wind had dropped considerably but it had left the dinghy literally half full of water - probably the equivalent of 6 inches of rain in a few hours. We were up again at 0700 and by 0715 we had the anchor up and were heading for the lagoon exit in 10 knots of wind from the NE, a favourable direction for this channel but even so there were quite large waves hitting us when we went through the narrow gap in the surf. The huge breaking surf waves 15m either side of us only go to demonstrate why this exit is impassable in a wind over tide situation. Even today one incoming wave put us. read more...


Mischief - Up to Mischief Log 35 Further adventures of S/Y Mischief through the eyes and ears of Chas Baynes

Thursday 10th May 2018 - MaupitiWe were up at 0600 to see Jean off, the Pamplemouse Queen. Who will slice up the pamplemouse now of a morning? One thing is for certain, my buttocks are aching this morning after yesterday's exertions!By 0700 we were heading out towards the exit channel and westwards towards Maupiti, the most west of the Society islands and reportedly the prettiest, with its various shades of blue waters and the fact that it is home to a Manta Ray breeding area, and extensive coral gardens. It was still raining, or in-between rain showers and what wind there was was on the nose so we motored the whole 30 miles. The entrance channel to Maupiti is both narrow and shallow but well marked. There were large breaking surf waves on either side as we tentatively made our way. read more...

Blue Pearl - Bora Bora in the distance from Blue Pearl.
Blue Pearl - Bora Bora in the distance from Blue Pearl.
Blue Pearl - Blue Pearl at Huahine
Blue Pearl - Blue Pearl at Huahine

Mischief - Up to Mischief Log 34 Further adventures of S/Y Mischief through the eyes and ears of Chas Baynes

Tuesday 8th May - Bora BoraAfter a wet and windy night, we upped anchor at 0715. The chain was laid across two or three coral bommies and we knew the way the chain snatched when we initially dropped anchor it was caught on something solid, and so it was. But our windlass is strong enough to break the anchor out of the coral heads and as each cracked as it gave way which was a shame, but this is a recognized anchorage spot. Mad Monkey the other day burnt his windlass out in the same location - expensive!As I said, it has been raining most of the night but this morning I was greeted by a bright rainbow over the Coral Gardens, and the wind had abated somewhat, in fact it had all but gone and we sailed off to the lagoon exit 2 miles south before heading off north west again towards Bora. read more...


Mischief - Up to Mischief Log 33 Further adventures of S/Y Mischief through the eyes and ears of Chas Baynes

Day 68 Sunday 6 May 2018 - Taha'aAfter a quick dip we set off across the lagoon north to Taha'a the second island within the confines of the one barrier reef. We were heading for what we had been reported as the most beautiful bay in the French Polynesia's, Faaroa. We stopped en route as there is a spot identified in 'Charlies Charts' as having excellent snorkeling. We were a good way off the reef and it was fairly choppy, so it was quite a swim across, yet the water was clear and warm despite it being overcast. Unfortunately, when I eventuallyarrived there was little to see, only sand bottom so I turned around and swam back again. As the weather was a bit changeable we thought we would motor into the bay just to see what it was like and if it was worthy of us stopping. However, it was. read more...


Blue Pearl - Society Islands.

It's been a while since you last heard from Blue Pearl but rest assured, we are having a wonderful time in the Society Islands. I had told you last week that we left Tahiti on Monday and today, a week later, we are in Taha after visiting Huahine and Raiatea. Confusing, I know, but just get your maps out and you can figure out where we are. Our next stop has a more familiar name, Bora Bora, which is the last of the Society Islands that we will visit. It is also the last French Polynesian territory that we will be at.We have admired beautiful scenery, enjoyed wonderful meals and great restaurants, snorkeled in beautiful blue water, swamwith sharks (yes, not dolphins this time) while scuba diving and visited prominent local sites. One, the mecca of the Polynesian religion, on the Island of. read more...


Mischief - Up to Mischief Log 32 Further adventures of S/Y Mischief through the eyes and ears of Chas Baynes

Day 65 Thursday 3rd May 2018 -Baie Faaroe, RaiateaWe dropped the mooring at 0800 and allowed Calisto, another ARC yacht whom had just arrived into the anchorage, to pick up our vacated buoy. We set off on a reciprocal course to our entry - it was still tight in places so had me on the bow on 'bommie watch' for an hour or so (and saw a small shark!), all the way back to Fare where we exited the lagoon and into the open ocean bound for Raiatea some 20 nm away to the west.There was no wind though, so we had to motor half way across before there was sufficient to sail, and then from in front of the beam so couldn't try out the repaired spinnaker that had been our intention. Raiatea does look inviting apart from the rain squalls we could see obscuring some of the peaks. We are heading for the. read more...

IceBear - IMG_3596.JPG
IceBear - IMG_3596.JPG

IceBear - Icebear goes to Teahupo,Surfing Billybong

Mother Nature made a cool way of making surf tunnels. The western side of Tahiti joins a southern swell at Chupo, also called Teahupo. Today was a gentle day and we filmed 2 Australian honeymooners surfing in this beautiful curl that creates a roiling circle after the wave breaks.. read more...


Mischief - Up to Mischief Log 31 Further adventures of S/Y Mischief through the eyes and ears of Chas Baynes

Day 63 Tuesday 1st May 2018 - Fare to Baie d'Avea, HuahineWent ashore for bread again around 0730 and took myself off for a jog whilst Dave and Wendy did the shopping; they were planning to have a coffee somewhere, but it transpired that it was a bank holiday here and everywhere was shut, other than the SuperU. There was a hive of activity outside the supermarket as there had been a supply ship arrive overnight which re-stocked the shop so there was a queue of locals waiting to stockpile supplies. We set off for a passage down the island inside the barrier reef to the Baie d'Avea, right on the southern tip. It is fairly well marked but there are a few shallow patches to watch out for and it is a bit of a slalom course. The route took us passed some gorgeous scenery: hills, cliffs and. read more...


Mischief - Up to Mischief Log 30 Further adventures of S/Y Mischief through the eyes and ears of Chas Baynes

Day 61 Sunday 29 April 2018 - Baie Moroe, TuahineA really peaceful night with the boat as steady as a rock, but awoke anyway at 0545 and watched the sunrise then went back to sleep for three hours! We are joined in our isolation this morning by an Australian boat from Melbourne who are on their final leg of a circumnavigation; they certainly looked practiced in dropping an anchor in deeper water. However, we didn't share their company for too long as we upped our own anchor after a swim and set off out of this bay bound for the next. Weighing of anchor was a bit of an unknown as we hadn't used the anchor warp on the windlass before but it came up perfectly, thank goodness as it was set too deep to retrieve it if it got stuck! We are off around the north west of the island to the main. read more...


Mischief - More Mischief in the Making Log 29 Further adventures of S/Y Mischief through the eyes and ears of Chas Baynes

Day 59 Friday 27th April 2018 - En route HuahineWhen I eventually went to sleep last night, it was almost time to get up again, so it seemed anyway. At least the diggers had stopped scraping the road and the cruise ship had gone, so apart from the usual traffic noise it was relatively quiet. The sails were due to be delivered at 0800 this morning so Dave and I stayed on the boat as we'll need to hoist the Code 0 to roll it before we put it away. So 8 am came and went as did 9am, 10am, 11am and noon - no sign. I had to go ashore to do a couple of emails and returned by 2pm and still no sails. They eventually turned up after several chasers at 3pm and we were due off at 4 so very tight. Regardless, we couldn't leave straight away as Wendy was having her hair done; she had left the boat. read more...


IceBear - IceBear arrives in Papeete,Tahiti

Well, it has been just about 4 months since we left St. Lucia, then to Santa Marta, Columbia, then to San Blas Islands, then to Shelter Bay, then to Panama Canal, then to La Playita, then Las Perlas, then to Galapagos, then to Marquesas, then to Tuamotus, then to Tahiti! Internet access has been awful but other boats have managed to blog and hold their stories until they get connectivity.Now, in Papeete, we are finally again in a city where yes, just like all busy cities, there is traffic congestion, pick pockets, and expensive everything.But there is also beauty, hoy weather, and delightful food! We are here for a sail drive seal and rigging fixes and to get a lesson on how to sail our new Parasailor from Germany!. read more...


Blue Pearl - Tahiti

Finally a brief note from Blue Pearl again. We have been in the Taina marina in Tahiti since Monday afternoon and are planning to leave here tomorrow. This has been a work week. Boat maintenance, boat cleaning, provisioning etc. and no sight seeing. Just a couple of trips into Papeete, the main city in Tahiti. A bustling Polynesian city with lots of restaurants.We did go to a Polynesian dancing show at the nearby Meridian hotel including a beautiful buffet dinner. We were with our friends from Alora, a Hylas 56, owned by Steve and Linda who were the previous owners of our boat, Blue Pearl. Steve likes to say that he has two boats in the rally. I tried some Polynesian dancing and ended up with a "pain in the back".We also have a crew change. Adrian, our crew member from Switzerland , has. read more...


Mischief - More Mischief in the Making Log 28 Further adventures of S/Y Mischief through the eyes and ears of Chas Baynes

Day 57 Wednesday 25th April 2018 - Taina marina to PapeeteIt rained hard during the night and it got really hot below decks with the hatches all closed up. I went on deck to get a breath of air and promptly sat in a puddle in my pants which did little to lighten the mood! During one squall the wind really picked up and was banging a halyard onto the mast so sleep was difficult to come by but the thought of securing it in the torrential rain was too much, so it remained noisy until the wind dropped again.To make up for yesterday the weather has turned out hot again today. Dave went to pay the bill for the marina and found that the garbage disposal charges were almost as much as the mooring itself and similarly the electricity - a really odd charging structure. The mooring chaps came to. read more...


Mischief - Mischief in the Making Log 27 Further adventures of S/Y Mischief through the eyes and ears of Chas Baynes

Day 56 Tuesday 24th April 2018- Taina Marina Papeete, TahitiSet off early at 0645 from Cooks Bay towards Taina marina on Tahiti. It had been raining heavily during the night and into the early morning and we had a little lightning to boot. The rain had brought down some really murky water into the bay, which for some reason was really warm, much more so than usual. The anchor and chain were full of gloopy black mud so had to wash off the decks before it dried, not that it would have had much of a chance as the rain squalls are coming thick and fast this morning with no sun in prospect. It seems we have this weather for a couple of days at least according to the local forecast. We arrived at Taina fuel pontoon at 1030 in torrential rain, in fact it was raining so hard we couldn't take the. read more...


Mischief - Mischief in the Making Log 26 Further adventures of S/Y Mischief through the eyes and ears of Chas Baynes

Day 54 Sunday 22nd April 2018 - Cooks Bay, MooreaI was awoken again early morning by torrential rain hammering on the coach roof. There were cars with different coloured flags flying on the road this early - it is Presidential election day! They are doing the count today, so we should know the result later on which should be interesting regardless who wins, whether it be the Blues, the Reds or the Oranges. Regardless, the rain seems set in for the day and the surrounding hills are all covered in cloud but still stunning in different shades of grey, what you can see of them anyway. We are going to move the boat to the other end of the bay this morning should it stop raining for a while. By mid-morning it had cleared up sufficiently to make a move, indeed the sun came out and now it was. read more...


Mischief - Mischief Making Log 25 Further adventures of S/Y Mischief through the eyes and ears of Chas Baynes

Day 52 Friday 20 April 2018 - Moorea, Passe de VaiareSat for hours blogging whilst the others went ashore for breakfast on a lovely sunny morning here. The guys were back by 1030 and we were about to slip lines when Jean spotted a most unwelcome passenger: a big cockroach had landed on the steering wheel and was scuttling about. Dave immediately jumped at it but it made an escape and shot into the port side cockpit locker which was frantically emptied. It re-appeared on the lid and this time Dave didn't miss, grabbed it and chucked it over the side to a great big sigh of relief all round. This is especially poignant as Air Power, the guys we had a beer with last night had reported that they have a major infestation of the blighters centered on their main bedroom cabin - they have air. read more...


Blue Pearl - Moorea

So, Moorea is the Island with the most photographed bay in all of French Polynesia!And that's where we are "Baie d'Opunohu". A bay surrounded bymajestic mountain scenery and the location of many famous movies such as "South Pacific and "Bounty". When we woke up this morning , we saw the result of all this beauty and fame,a huge cruise ship obstructing our view to the ocean outside. That's progress for you.We arrived here yesterday after a 36 hour passage from Rangiroa in the Tuomotu's, also in French Polynesia. We didn't have much wind so we motored for about 24 hours, never as nice as sailing. Rangiroa was a delightful spot. We dove, relaxed and visited a pearl farm. If you have an opportunity visit a pearl farm, you'll be amazed at the complexity of the process. I thought you'd just. read more...


Mischief - A certain amount of Mischief Log 24 Further adventures of S/Y Mischief through the eyes and ears of Chas Baynes

Day 47 Sunday 15th April 2018 - passage to Papeete, TahitiWoken up early this morning with the tide rushing around the boat, indeed didn't really get much sleep at all to be honest with the boat rolling and rocking about and waves slamming under the back of the boat. Still, the anchor had held as steady as a rock.We watched with interest as a charter catamaran went out of the entrance with full sail up at an hour and a half before slack water with the tide ripping out. Actually, they didn't have too much trouble so we were happy to attempt to retrieve our anchor around 0930 even though the tripping line had sunk again and Dave rightly didn't want to tangle it around the prop so I took in the chain entirely on the windlass with no engine propulsion just in case. The tide was running at 2. read more...


Blue Pearl - Swimming with Dolphins

I know daughter Nicole will be quite jealous of me because this morning I swam with dolphins on the reef just outside Passe Tiputa which is the access to the Rangiroa atoll, the second largest in the world. We were scuba diving and it didn't take long for the dolphins to show up. They were the big grey variety similar to the ones we see off the east coast, not the small black ones that we have been seeing in the Pacific. In any case a big one to a liking to me and we played around for a while. I was allowed to touch her and we swam along together...! What a treat.Brita took some pictures and a video which I will share when I can.We had arrived at the Passe Tiputa early yesterday morning. Just when the ebb current was at its greatest, we measured it at 6.5 kts. In addition the wind of. read more...


Mischief - A certain amount of Mischief Log 23 Further adventures of S/Y Mischief through the eyes and ears of Chas Baynes

Day 45 Friday 13 April 2018 - Avatoru Quay, RangiroaA very slow morning on the good ship Mischief - coffee, a quick swim and a sausage sandwich for breakfast and it was already 1030. We were expecting the 20km canoe race to pass by us at anchor by now but then noticed a flotilla of speed boats heading our way from the other anchorage by the Kia Ora Hotel accompanying a number of three-man canoes in full flow - the race was indeed coming! In seemingly no time at all the leading two boats were upon us with the guys in the yellow hats marginally ahead of the All Blacks but all over each other; if this had been the Oxford and Cambridge the umpire would have been having fits over his megaphone and waving his flag frantically in vain. They passed by our stern by 10 meters going twenty to the. read more...