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Mischief - Mischief Blog Richards Bay to Mossel Bay

Fishing Success

Rough seas greeted us as we left the tranquil waters of Richards Bay, Adam took the helm and had to weave in and out of the huge ships that anchored in Richards Bay. Not an easy task when under sail, you'd think the ships captains would consider the needs of a small yacht governed by the wind and move their huge vessels with each change in wind direction. Perhaps that's a big ask so we thread our way through best we could and managed to miss them all. Sharon cooked us a cracking meal that night spicy chicken with mash and has now secured herself a place in the Mischief, memorable meals menu. Few have this accolade, well done Fanny McGinty. Millpond conditions revealed, a four meter shape which we later identified as a tiger shark. In all on this trip we spotted a total of five sharks, although the other four were smaller. We saluted a group of Albatross, who we trusted to keep us safe through the potentially treacherous waters of the Agulhas current. Dolphins danced on our bow but the highlight of the trip was the bio luminescence or phosphorescence that lit the whole ocean the second night. Sharon, Wendy and Dave said in their three ocean crossings they'd seen nothing like it. With every splash the waters turned bright aqua blue. During our three hour watch we were completely mesmerised. It was stunning. Mossel Bay had to be something special to compete with this display.

Highlight of the trip was the tuna supper, caught by the boys, much to Adam's excitement and cooked to perfection by Dave. Delicious.
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