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Timshel - Cocos to Mauritius Day 9

Pleasant sailing in sunshine, beam reach with all white sails and going quite fast at times. And we passed halfway at 12.21 this afternoon! 1159 miles to go. Some of the big boats in front are celebrating 3 figures to the finish (i.e. 999). We have got quite spread out which makes the choice of frequency for the radio net a little contentious and some boats just don't like certain frequencies. Some boats have had a few issues; Adrienne's gear box has become detached from the engine so they will need a tow in, Aurora Polaris exploded a block on the main outhaul during a squall (they have spares), Mischief's wind speed reading has disappeared so for the daily reports we are getting the Wind scale according to Dave - not sure how it relates to the one devised by Admiral Beaufort, and is "old boots" more or less wind than "a hooley"? The prize for cleanest bilges will go to Mad Monkey who first found the contents of one of their fresh water tanks in the bilge, trying to trace this they broke a sink seacock and had to hurriedly block up the hole, then the generator pumped cooling water into the bilge - but they're remarkably unfazed.

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