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Mischief - Mossel Bay 26th Nov to 30th Nov 2018

We can confirm sharks do have sharp teeth.

Big fires, logs and warm clothes not normally associated Africa, more deserts, jungles and searing heat. Not in Mossel Bay, its too close to the Southern Ocean and Cape Town. Cape Town being the furthest south that World ARC venture, I'm so pleased. However, the former provided a cosy back drop to allow us to remain outside most of the time and still enjoy the culture of Mossel Bay. Sonia the local hairdresser was a big hit with the crew of Mischief. She cut Adams hair for £3.50 and I presume the skippers bill was the same. My hair cut and highlight was £28 and took three hours. Wendy and Sharon were also regroomed but with mixed results, Sharon was shocked when she discovered she'd gone white haired in under an hour and too much of her hair had been lost under the hairdressers enthusiastic scissors. Wendy liked her colour but also wished she'd had been stricter about how much was removed. I particularly liked watching Adam sheered as we discussed apartheid and how the transition to a free society worked. With our new hairdos we had to venture out into the town, whether we were happy with the results or not..........good memories though. All of us were pleased with our pedicures.

And so we were ready to venture to Le Peron a restaurant kind of on the beach but also next to the railway line, I leave that for you to work out. Food was great huge lingoustines, steaks and a big braai to keep us warm. What more could sailors ask?

White Shark Africa entertained us on the last morning with a close up and personal experience with the great white. We left early in the morning after a brief insight into the plight of the shark. The sea was quite rough but we only had a short ten minute crossing to the sight, Seal Island. The crew then mix a slop dustbin of dead fish and sea water and throw the delicious mix into the sea to entice the sharks. Surprisingly they took a while to be lured by the irresistible bate. Not really unexpected when an island packed with plump seals was only a flick of their tails away. Anyway luckily for us, two of the more stupid sharks preferred the chum and dead tuna head with a rope attached to it. We had our encounter with the infamous star of jaws, not so much the aggressive killer, perhaps just a fish trying to survive in an world that has its demise in its hands.

A walk out to the point I was told was a must, so the crew managed to soak in the sun and incredible views of the waves crashing into the shore, the surfers and the skateboarders riding between the bars and restaurants, all very lovely.
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