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Owner Rob Greenwell
Design Beneteau Oceanis 51.1
Length Overall 15 m 43 cm
Flag Australia
Sail Number

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Cuvee - Days 10 - 12

Mond 02/12 - Breeze has comeHave a steady breeze for over 24hrs now from the west in the low teens. Occasional rain squalls, so pressure builds, rain drops, close hatches, clear cushions from the cockpit and zip up the centre panel of the dodger. Let the rain past huddled under the dodger and then open hatches, put cushions back and open up dodger panel. Few hours later repeat, and then repeat, ... That’s about it today, did a jibe to stay on course, saw a spotted wing gannet , eat sleep and read. Getting close now but need to be patient and hopefully the predicted wind stays in and we have no more breakages.Only 2 cargo vessels past us in 24hrs.Decided to change to St Vincent time tonight at midnight so we will be tuned in when we arrive.Tues 03/12 - Under 200 Nm to goSteady breeze. read more...


Cuvee - Ted’s Atlantic Adventure - Epilogue

17:00 3 Dec2019 Director’s CutThe Director has just seen the finished product and is very unhappy with the editing. He states that he spent countless hours trying to build the tension in the storyline only to find it all cut from the released version. So after court action he has now released a Director’s Cut which includes totally superfluous material cut from the original that adds nothing to the storyline except about 2 hours of extra boredom.Management have responded by commissioning further Ted adventure stories including “Exactly What Ted and Brooke Shields Did in the Blue Lagoon,“ “Cap’n Ted Sparrow and the Mermaids of the Caribbean” and “The Big Wipe - The Adventures of Ted’s Kids.”.. read more...


Cuvee - Ted’s Atlantic Adventure - The Fabric of Life

16:00 30Nov 2019Congratulations are in order! Ted and Louise are now the proud parents of 50 baby wipes born only an hour or so ago. Although reluctant at first, I think Ted is warming to his new life. As I heard Ted say, “Children are the fabric in the tapestry of life we weave!” Maybe I was wrong that I thought Ted’s poetic sayings couldn’t get any worse. I’m concerned his brains may have turned to cotton wool.I am yet to find the courage to ask Ted how he knows Louise’s babies are his and how he now seems conveniently unconcerned about his offspring from his past relationship. Maybe someday I can tease out from him all the threads to this strange adventure of his.I’ve had time to chat with Louise now things have settled. She denies any involvement in the kidnapping. She loves Ted. She. read more...


Cuvee - Ted’s Atlantic Adventure - Part 7

12:50 26Nov 2019 - Atlantic OceanI Harpoon WeddingThe Boss was pretty angry yesterday. He and Ted had an all-in session this morning. We heard it all of course - you could hardly miss the polite conversation. In the end the Boss said he wouldn’t have an unwed pregnant lady stowaway on his vessel and since he didn’t have a shotgun on board, there’d be a Harpoon Wedding today at 12:00. And so Ted and Louise were married just a little while ago. A mid-Atlantic Ocean wedding - how romantic! Whatever. It was hard to photograph the happy couple without the harpoon getting in the way. Ted looked like his inner self was unraveling.. read more...


Cuvee - Day 10 - 11: Getting warmer

Sat 30 - Quiet Day?Day starts off with little breeze around 10 - 15 kts and calm seas. Time to get those jobs done around the boat, make some water, cook some date scones for afternoon tea, yum. Made a duck bill valve for the engine bilge outlet that was taking on water out of the old “100 mile an hour” tape. Entertained everyone with some skiing of the back of the back of the boat!Only 2 cargo vessels and 2 yachts on the AIS, fellow ARC yacht L'Entente Cordiale within 10 miles. Had a chat on 2 way to other yacht, Tore who had run out of weather reports! I told them conditions were to stay the same for 48 hours!Then;At 16:00 squall for 40 mins. Winds up to 30 kts, reached top boat speed of 13kts. Called up Tore to let them know what was coming, do the right thing after my poor weather. read more...

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