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Cuvee - Day 10 - 11: Getting warmer

Sat 30 - Quiet Day?
Day starts off with little breeze around 10 - 15 kts and calm seas. Time to get those jobs done around the boat, make some water, cook some date scones for afternoon tea, yum. Made a duck bill valve for the engine bilge outlet that was taking on water out of the old “100 mile an hour” tape. Entertained everyone with some skiing of the back of the back of the boat!
Only 2 cargo vessels and 2 yachts on the AIS, fellow ARC yacht L'Entente Cordiale within 10 miles. Had a chat on 2 way to other yacht, Tore who had run out of weather reports! I told them conditions were to stay the same for 48 hours!
At 16:00 squall for 40 mins. Winds up to 30 kts, reached top boat speed of 13kts. Called up Tore to let them know what was coming, do the right thing after my poor weather report earlier. Thought it would pass quickly, after 30mins riding the wind we reefed down the main to #2. Things calmed down but the rain was still coming down so a few of us managed a quick shower in the rain. All cleaned up and into dry clothes, hang out the wet ones and then another squall came in at 18:30 for 30 mins. Not as strong at only 25kts and not nearly as much rain. Reefed early for the second so rode it out easily.
Then in the post calm managed to cook up a quick tuna pasta for dinner and some rest.

Sund 01 - Lonely Day
Overnight had another squall. Had a reef in and let the main out and ran downwind for an hour as it passed. Was a dark night and we were on our toes the rest of the night as couldn’t see the clouds till late morning as the sky’s started to clear, the wind dropped out and the stars came out. By 5 am no wind so engine on.
The wind starts to build around 10 am so back to a poled out headsail and downwind we go.
Got all our clothes dry and made some more water.
Cooked up eggs, bacon and beans on the BBQ for brunch.
Quiet day with crew reading and snoozing. Afternoon tunes for entertainment.
Not another boat sighted today.
Really starting to feel the heat of the tropics now with the cabins becoming very hot below deck. All hatches open to ventilate and then a mad rush to shut them when the squalls come through. Crew come up after a sleep covered in sweat and a bit lighter after their sauna!

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