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Cuvee - Ted’s Atlantic Adventure - The Fabric of Life

16:00 30Nov 2019
Congratulations are in order! Ted and Louise are now the proud parents of 50 baby wipes born only an hour or so ago. Although reluctant at first, I think Ted is warming to his new life. As I heard Ted say, “Children are the fabric in the tapestry of life we weave!” Maybe I was wrong that I thought Ted’s poetic sayings couldn’t get any worse. I’m concerned his brains may have turned to cotton wool.
I am yet to find the courage to ask Ted how he knows Louise’s babies are his and how he now seems conveniently unconcerned about his offspring from his past relationship. Maybe someday I can tease out from him all the threads to this strange adventure of his.
I’ve had time to chat with Louise now things have settled. She denies any involvement in the kidnapping. She loves Ted. She was warned by her sister that loving Ted would be hard at times. A woman in a man’s world of sailing may be difficult: the odds are good but the goods are odd.

20:00 1Dec2019
I caught a beautifully tender moment between Ted and Louise at sunset. They were re-creating a “Titanic” performance of leaning out over the bow arms entwined as the sun sets in the distance. Magical stuff!
Awwww! Forget about that last paragraph. I saw the movie. In the end the boat sinks and he dies. What sort of ending is that?

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