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Cuvee - Days 10 - 12

Mond 02/12 - Breeze has come
Have a steady breeze for over 24hrs now from the west in the low teens. Occasional rain squalls, so pressure builds, rain drops, close hatches, clear cushions from the cockpit and zip up the centre panel of the dodger. Let the rain past huddled under the dodger and then open hatches, put cushions back and open up dodger panel. Few hours later repeat, and then repeat, ... That’s about it today, did a jibe to stay on course, saw a spotted wing gannet , eat sleep and read. Getting close now but need to be patient and hopefully the predicted wind stays in and we have no more breakages.

Only 2 cargo vessels past us in 24hrs.

Decided to change to St Vincent time tonight at midnight so we will be tuned in when we arrive.

Tues 03/12 - Under 200 Nm to go
Steady breeze overnight in the high teens kept us moving nicely and has got us within 200 Nm with the hope of seeing our first land this afternoon. No boat traffic overnight and looks like the other yachts will head around the north of Barbados so wil be just us for the rest of the way. Our friendly gannet has come back today and swoops around the boat. Watched it catch a fish, land on the water and devour it as it bopped over the waves behind us. We have given up on the fishing caper. Lost about 4 lures and now we are coming across a fair bit of seaweed that’s all we seem to catch. You could call us sustainable fishermen releasing our catch on the line.

Reached the bottom of Barbados at dinner time, ate dinner and then jibed for Blue Lagoon on St Vincent. Sat back and enjoyed another movie night, with a mars bar as we head for the line.

Weds 04/12 - Finish line in sight
Nothing to report on the last day. Daybreak and only 45 No to go. Funny but it always seems to take forever to get that last mile! We can see the island of St Vincent and are still on the same reach heading for the line.

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