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Owner Finbar McGurran
Design Moody 66
Length Overall 20 m 4 cm
Flag Poland
Sail Number GBR66722T

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Mustique - Log Day 2 Wed 22/11 - just around the next corner ...

Things are much more sedate on board in light winds - no rolling from side to side is a big plus. Yuki is much happier asshe has her sea legs for sailing but rolling around in the swell she spent more time rocking side to side to stay upright than moving forward. We have established our routine now during our night watch Yuki enjoys digestive biscuits dipped in my tea. She is attached at night to the spray hood but always seems to get herself in a knot around the table. Today I successfully managed to plot my position from a morning sight and sun meridian with Stefan's help, chocolate and fizzy orange to celebrate! Yesterday's sights didn't go to plan and finding the sun using a sextant for the first time was problematic, looking forward to taking sights for the rest of the. read more...


Mustique - Log Day 1 Tues 21/11 - And not going anywhere fast

We had a smooth start after slipping lines for the final Adios to Europe (with "Good Bye my friend being broadcast over the Marina speaker system - in a tone that managed to be both ominous and slightly sarcastic at the same time - or Creepy as the Skipper referred to it!)We had the second start after the multi-hulls and managed quite well across the line and managed to overtake quite a few of the "supposed to be' faster and lighter boats in our division - naming no names ;). We have screenshot evidence of being first in division as we past to the east of Gran Canaria. However, we are still not sure as to how YUKI is faring in the Canine division. To our knowledge, she has a decent chance of winning as we think that there is only one other boat with a dog on board !! We had dolphins at. read more...


Mustique - A little word on our passage preparation - from Anders

Hi all 4+ readers!We are right now app 140 NMof St . LuciaApprox. 15 more hours to sail with present conditions. sailors know though that conditions can change any minute. I strongly believe we will cross the finish line before x-mas this year. best guess at present tomorrow Thursday app 7-8 local St Lucia time or app just before noon UTC time.Our course is 250 which we believe is correct. Why only believe?Well , as you know we have chosen a very Northern route. Challenge right now: When to go South and not lest head West again towards the island? The standard answer is go South till the butter starts melting and then turn West till you hear the drums and see the waiting committee with rum punches. But we ran out of butter several days ago! Well Cpt has made one of his fingers wet, held. read more...


Mustique - Day 15 - at the most important crew member's perspective

It’s day 15 and it has taken this long for to be given the chance to give my observations, which is somewhat of a surprise given I am the most important member (and certainly the busiest) of the crew.If you have not guessed I am the parasailor.I’m pretty much called into use in almost all downwind conditions. Although with this year’s ARC having such variable wind conditions there are times in low wind we’ve gone so slowly we’ve been overtaken by boats going in the opposite direction. From my vantage point high up I can see a lot.For example, I start to noticing pieces of lamb floating by yesterday - I realised then it was just getting choppy.Each night some of the crew have sundowners with red wine being a favourite - last night Tom drunk a bottle of wine on his own and lost his smart. read more...


Mustique - Day 15 - Sailing the high seas

Hey everyone , my name is Yuki . Im a little whitedogfrom Greece , Corfu . My name means snow on Japanese .I am a good girl and I like sailing. At the moment I’m atAtlantic ocean on a big boat with my personal chef , skipper and host , and other little minions that look after me hiihhiiiiihhiiiihhhiiiii Lucky I am you will all say , well I am hihihihihih Im 3 years old and I sailed 5.000 nm already . Not bad for a dog huh ? well my story almost ended up tragic as I was kidnaped in Las Palmas , but luckily I managed to escape and my human servants from the boat found on my way to police station where they where heading as well to report my kidnaping !! thats what they get for going to eat tapas without me !!!! Anyway , I managed to sort out my legal issues , so I am a greek national ,hold. read more...

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