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Mustique - Day 15 - at the most important crew member's perspective

It’s day 15 and it has taken this long for to be given the chance to give my observations, which is somewhat of a surprise given I am the most important member (and certainly the busiest) of the crew. If you have not guessed I am the parasailor.

I’m pretty much called into use in almost all downwind conditions. Although with this year’s ARC having such variable wind conditions there are times in low wind we’ve gone so slowly we’ve been overtaken by boats going in the opposite direction. From my vantage point high up I can see a lot. For example, I start to noticing pieces of lamb floating by yesterday - I realised then it was just getting choppy. Each night some of the crew have sundowners with red wine being a favourite - last night Tom drunk a bottle of wine on his own and lost his smart phone. Lucky we were in the ocean otherwise he could have got arrested for being drunk and disorganised.

Livi continues to read her books all day. In fact I saw here reading one called ‘The history of Glue’, apparently she couldn’t put in down. Anders is very excited about reaching St Lucia (hopefully on Thursday) and is looking forward to going to some of the ARC parties. He had an invite for one party which said ‘dress smartly’. He says he is going to wear a lab coat and carry a test tube.

However I do find 2 members of the for-deck crew incredibly irritating when they sing, while putting me up- and I’m very offended at how they named the spinnaker, Blue Caroline and they haven’t named me!

That’s probably enough from me. See you in St Lucia, where I can get some well earned rest.

The Mustique Parasailor

(the ghost writer for today’s entry will be floating to St. Lucia)

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