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Mustique - Day 15 - Sailing the high seas

Hey everyone , my name is Yuki . Im a little white dog from Greece , Corfu . My name means snow on Japanese . I am a good girl and I like sailing.

At the moment I’m at Atlantic ocean on a big boat with my personal chef , skipper and host , and other little minions that look after me hiihhiiiiihhiiiihhhiiiii
Lucky I am you will all say , well I am hihihihihih

Im 3 years old and I sailed 5.000 nm already . Not bad for a dog huh ?
well my story almost ended up tragic as I was kidnaped in Las Palmas , but luckily I managed to escape and my human servants from the boat found on my way to police station where they where heading as well to report my kidnaping !! thats what they get for going to eat tapas without me !!!!

Anyway , I managed to sort out my legal issues , so I am a greek national ,hold a valid passport and I had to do some stupid blood tests so they could let me in at Saint Lucia …. Which is totally not fair as human minions don’t have to do that !!!

Everyone on board thinks I’m wonderful, so Im looking forward to see what my tips are , steak tips are my favourite , as I don’t take cash … No one in shop allowes me to enter !

I have my own MOB device , that Carol activated it one night , in pitch black , and I was hugging her to hard Im afraid … so Captain woke up that night thinking I fell overboard , luckily they found me in Carols arms being spoiled as usual . hiiiiiiiihiiiiiiiii ( BTW , To Carols husband - she wants new dog once she gets home!) Me so inspiring person I am !

So my favourite minion Stefan comes out every morning and first thing he asks me is Yuki do you wanna peee peee poo poo ? So I say yes and I go do that on a black mat on the back of a boat , knowing what awaits for me after -delicious breakfast! Carol says 2 kg of spaghetti bolognese is too much for me , and I just want her to stop with her nonsense like she should talk. hili hili :)

Im sick and tiered of sailing now , there was lots of thunder storms on the way to here , as you all know I had to sail from Montenegro to here and It was a very long trip . Me no like thunderstorms … But my little humans do find a way to distract me with steaks and other similar types of food :) Sometimes they serve me a dog food , which I totally dislike ( they think Im a dog or something ???) , and

As nothing else I can do on the boat but sleep with all four legs in the air , as you usually do when you succeed in life , I like my belly to be rubbed.

Anders , one of the crew members onboard likes to rub my belly a lot , I think he is in love with me ! but he is to old for me and not my type.

Im , not the only little girl onboard but I am the youngest , there is this other girl Liv that always takes my seat , so when ever she gets up I take it back from her hili hili !

I am very grateful , that Fin allows me to be on this boat , its so much better than other little skunky , stinky boats in Corfu .

I saw dolphins !!! OMG , brilliant things , I wish to jump overboard and swim with them till Saint Lucia ! But knowing that everyone wants to kidnap me I decided to stick to this hotel on the water for time being till I find better yacht.

I forgot about the Gatwick boys . They sing their brains out every day , with totally annoys me as I can hear 10 times better that humans , and their voice is not so good anyway … If I could talk I would say shut up ! Its not a British x factor talent finder, this boat that is lol :) hiiih ihihii

Fabulous .

Woof Woof thats all for now ,



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