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Mustique - A little word on our passage preparation - from Anders

Hi all 4+ readers!

We are right now app 140 NM of St . Lucia

Approx. 15 more hours to sail with present conditions. sailors know though that conditions can change any minute. I strongly believe we will cross the finish line before x-mas this year. best guess at present tomorrow Thursday app 7-8 local St Lucia time or app just before noon UTC time.

Our course is 250 which we believe is correct. Why only believe?

Well , as you know we have chosen a very Northern route. Challenge right now: When to go South and not lest head West again towards the island? The standard answer is go South till the butter starts melting and then turn West till you hear the drums and see the waiting committee with rum punches.

But we ran out of butter several days ago! Well Cpt has made one of his fingers wet, held it in the air towards the sun at noon UTC and guessed the course.

Out of Lurpak butter? Yes several days agate last kilo out of a total of 5 finished.

During the latest dog watch Carol and Yuki stayed in the cockpit while I searched the many drawers, cabinets and under the carpet secret rooms and hacked the Cpt’s PC. See how Cpt Fin, Chef Gordon and multiman Stefan have been shopping and preparing Mustique prior to our start too weeks ago.

I imagine you to push the shopping trolley and not only help but to pay the bill, as you most likely do in your day to day household. And you to carry home and store in your kitchen cabinets. Tired?

Bought at various supermarkets:

300 litres of still and sparkling water
500 cans of Coca Cola, Orange, Ice tea and there to few bottles of wine, beers and tonic waters - total app. 175 litres
48 litres of milk
400 slices of bread and large variety of crackers
700 tea bags
5 x 1/2 kilo instant coffe
3 litres olive oil - who drinks that?
6 kilos of various meat
cheeses - blue, white you name it
200 eggs

just to mention a few items

continue to the butcher's.

8 kilos of ham
40 kilos of various meat,
some fish hoping to catch some tuna and dorados underway

Saturday morning at 6.30 the day prior to start going to the grocery market:

4 cases of 0r app 100 apples
4 cases or app 100 oranges
40 onions
and many very big potatoes and tomatoes
great variety of mangos, bananas and other fruits
different herps and spices that chef Gordon uses and that is not in one of the largest cabinets in his galley

All fruits , veggies etc to be washed and cleaned prior to brought on board.

To buy and bring on board is a small job compared to prepare meals for 8 persons for est. 20 days.
During my search I did not find any powder meals but ready made powder for cups of tomato, chicken and veggie soups - tasting delicious when at watch at night.

It has taken chef Gordon hours and days to prepare the boat with dinners.


Self service buffet in the galley. Corn flakes, other cereals, porridges, milk, toast, marmalade a.o.
From time to time fried or scrambled eggs at your choice prepared by David who is a micro wave master chef

Usually served around noon. If someone at sleep Chef makes sure to put yours aside till you wake up.lunches have included:

tuna and corn sandwich
ham sandwich
egg salad sandwich
bacon sandwich
cheese and ham sandwich
fresh caught tuna sashimi rolled with sesame and served with a salad
to mention examples

Sit down dinner in the cockpit prior to sunset
all present.
Samples of dinners served

steak, salad and baked potatoes
ramose pork chops and veg.
fish pie and peas
lasagne and salad
chilli and rice
chicken pie and potatoes
meat balls and tomato sauce and pasta
followed by a tasty fruit desert many of the days.

After the meals and during the day comes dishwashing.
Mustique is equipped with dishwasher machine. which till now has been used for storage. Therefore manual dishwashing and drying. The used model is “male”.

Electricity and watermaking.

Mustique holds a sizeable water tank. water is used for dishwashing, cooking, spooling the deck and fish caught, flushing toilets, personal hygiene including showers.
So far 8,000 litres of saltwater has been made to drinkable water - and used! Where has all this water gone when all of us only showers every 3rd day and claims no use of water?

when we use water, put on lights , winch etc it drains the batteries. Thanks for a very reliable generator and water maker. Thursty though which can be seen on the level of diesel.

What goes into the human body leaves a couple of hours later again and is directed into the 500 liter “shit tank” via 3 toilettes. All other garbage that does not come from the sea such and plastic bottles, food etc, is kept in plastic bags. Kept at stern of the boat in the DINGHY which is to be emptied at first opportunity when in the RODNEY bay MARINA.

Too much plastic these days.


DAYILY stefan brings a plastic bag with app 200 various goodies such as chocolate bars, lollies other sweets , cookies, chewing gum etc. extremely nice during both day and nighttime.

Cookies are extremely popular, . t but difficult to trace in the bags unless you are among the first receiver! No DNAS has been taken nor fingerprints, but hidden cameras on board shows four very female hands gripping into the bags , selecting the good from the bad and hiding their stocks in so many places they themselves forget where. !

Still having fun and laughs on board.

Take care out there - we do

Tad and ship o how


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