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Mustique - Log Day 1 Tues 21/11 - And not going anywhere fast

We had a smooth start after slipping lines for the final Adios to Europe (with "Good Bye my friend being broadcast over the Marina speaker system - in a tone that managed to be both ominous and slightly sarcastic at the same time - or Creepy as the Skipper referred to it!)

We had the second start after the multi-hulls and managed quite well across the line and managed to overtake quite a few of the "supposed to be' faster and lighter boats in our division - naming no names ;). We have screenshot evidence of being first in division as we past to the east of Gran Canaria. However, we are still not sure as to how YUKI is faring in the Canine division. To our knowledge, she has a decent chance of winning as we think that there is only one other boat with a dog on board !! We had dolphins at dawn yesterday morning and she was beside herself with excitement. She learned her lesson and is now keeping a much more attentive watch as she nearly missed them whilst sleeping under her mountain of cushions

After a couple of first days of decent winds and good speeds, rolling and surfing our way toward the Caribbean, we are now bobbing around in the company of a few other yachts - at this rate, we will need to catch some fish soon ......

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