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Owner Sylvain Beaudry
Design Beneteau Sense 50
Length Overall 15 m 27 cm
Flag Canada
Sail Number

I am the captain/owner of a 2012 Beneteau Sense 50. I'm always the youngest retired person in the anchorage (now 49). I worked really hard for 12 years to build a business in the video games industry and I sold it in 2010. My entrepreneurial life was tough with many of challenges but one dream always guided me: exploring the world on a sailboat. I'm now at the point where can live that dream. With my wife and our two sons (aged 5 and 2), we started our journey in December 2014. So far, we've been to Florida, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Anguilla, St. Barth, St. Marteen, Azores, south of Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar and the Balearic Islands.

In 2016, we're cruising in south of France, Corsica, Sardinia and some Greek Islands. Around mid-September, the rest of the family is leaving for Canada while I'm getting the boat to the Canaries.

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Jayana - EN ROUTE Newsletter - Vol. 2

  EN ROUTE Newsletter2nd editionNovember 23, 2022 Welcome to the second edition of the EN ROUTE newsletter, where great sea men congregate when there's no land in sight! I volunteered to act as a email controller, so the poor souls without SSB can also have a social life. Please send me your stories as this will gets more interesting only with your involvement!  -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=WHERE ARE THE KIDS (AND A FEW FRIENDS)?-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= #    Name                DTF      Var5   Catasis              2152      ?8   Alchemy              2175     . read more...


Jayana - A Unique 50th Birthday Gift

I was just walking around the dock, gazing at the ARC flags all around with the sun rising in the background. We arrived at the end of the day yesterday, Lohan (10 y/o) and myself, successfully sailing from Canet-en-Roussillon, France to Las Palmas in time for the ARC Rally. A 9-day passage that shouldn’t have been possible given the circonstances three weeks ago. It’s nothing short of a miracle that Jayana is now docked on the S pontoon. And this morning, I can only take it the best gift possible for my 50th birthday. On October 18th, I was heartbroken when I sent a notice to WCC Admin to notify them that we couldn’t make it for the 2022 ARC:«We suffered from the catastrophic failure of our sail drive three hours motoring after a scheduled maintenance at an authorized ZF dealer. We are. read more...


Jayana - An elf visits us

December 1st. An elf brought Christmas hats and decorations today. He even tried to help us catch a fish as we had a hit on our lure about 2 minutes after setting the line. Whatever that was chewed on the line and cut it clean, so we're down 8 lures since our departure. Our fishing inventory is starting to get pretty low! Yesterday morning, we lost a 5-6' monster (tuna or billfish) and our favorite Black Bart lure. We had a consolation prize with a 1m long wahoo at the end of the day, so we were able to have a sashimi appetizer. Almost all systems aboard are functional. We only lost the port navigation light (light is functioning, voltage is only 6V at the light) and the main engine alternator. During the day, the sunshine is enough to keep all systems functional and we run the generator. read more...


Jayana - Day 7: Sunshine, finally!

After a daunting day with a lot of motoring, we have finally found the trade winds. They are quite week (~7-10 knots) but enough for us to unleash the Monster, our huge spinaker, to carry us at 6 knots. This morning at sunrise, a sailing cruise ship arrived at 12 knots and stopped next to our position. They then hoisted their sails for a 3.6 knots sailing speed. They apparently ordered a sunny day with calm sea and we're enjoying our first sunshine since departure. Since the sea is calm and the morale is excellent, the captain demonstrated how to do body drag behind the boat. No crew members were brave enough to try it out. Bunch of wimps! At least, they made a beer/guacamole/chips/orzo salad lunch. Mmmmm....In the afternoon, we witnessed the scheduled flight of Air Jayana. Our drone. read more...


Jayana - Jour 1: Anniversaire à bord!

Enfin, le jour du grand départ est arrivé. La fatigue de l'équipage commençait à se faire sentir, surtout après 10 jours à festoyer comme nous l'avons fait. L'approche de l'heure du départ apportait son lot d'excitation et d'inquiétudes, surtout avec la frénésie à laquelle s'agitait tous les équipages sur les quais. La veille du départ, un magnifique feu d'artifice a illuminé le ciel au-dessus de Jayana. Belle façon de souligner sa dernière nuit en territoire européen. À notre réveil, nous avions déjà un premier événement à souligner: Mélanie fêtait son 30e anniversaire! La journée a donc bien débuté, avec de belles boule d'amour parmi les membres d'équipage. Le reste de la journée a été mémorable pour plusieurs raisons: la fanfare à la sortie de la marina, la parade des bateaux devant. read more...

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