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Jayana - EN ROUTE Newsletter - Vol. 2

EN ROUTE Newsletter
2nd edition
November 23, 2022
Welcome to the second edition of the EN ROUTE newsletter, where great sea men congregate when there's no land in sight! I volunteered to act as a email controller, so the poor souls without SSB can also have a social life. Please send me your stories as this will gets more interesting only with your involvement!
#    Name                DTF      Var
5   Catasis              2152      ?
8   Alchemy              2175      +7
19  Toucan               2224      +5
40  Take Off             2273      -25
43  Floreana             2278      ?
58  Out of the Woods     2294      +9
60  Alexa                2295      +10
67  Ellinora             2306      +32
74  Starry Knight        2313      +5
82  Joanna               2321      ?
85  Salt                 2326      -1
89  Oyai                 2329      +13
98  SIMA                 2339      +20
99  Koa                  2339      ?
106 Luna                 2343      +6
129 Good Fellow          2393      -15
132 Jayana               2418      +3
Since yesterday, the team onboard Ellinora is on fire! They managed to move up the ranking by a whopping 32 ranks! SIMA progress is also impressive, with a 20 increase in their ranking since yesterday’s edition. 
Jayana is happy to report a first catch! A small mahi mahi that is being prepared as yours truly write this text as part of a coconut-papaya curry lunch. 
      Fishing Leaderboard


      Rank             Species            Size (cm)      Weight (kg)
      1. Jayana        Mahi mahi          64             ?
An honorable mention to Oskari on Toucan, James and the LUNAtics on Luna and Bret on Out of the Woods for trying hard. 
Toucan confirmed that they had a MOB incident. It could have turned into a nightmare if the person working on deck had not been attached to the boat. This situation was over in seconds and they got a big scare and some big bruises. The lesson: wear your life jackets and always clip in. Some of the crew are having a hard time finding their sea legs. However, coolers have returned on all faces since yesterday, even though for some working extensive time inside is still hard. 
Jadamama reported in the first 24-hour a rogue wave crashing and soaking the foot of the mattress and the floor. Luckily, their cookies were stored in ziplocks and none of them had to be offered to Neptune. 
Nothing unusual spotted on your decks or on the water recently? On our side, we think we found an alternative recognized method of navigation if we lose our GPS. We just have to follow the trail of banana peels that Salt is leaving in their wake… 



Crew morale is good aboard Luna and are having fun playing guitar, singing and reading. Makes us wish we could join you guys!
Jayana’s secret weapon has been unleashed today. Stay tuned. 
What are you cooking aboard? Any interesting stories you'd like to share? 
Toucan had fajitas filled with chicken, fresh guacamole, salsa verde, lettuce and (half frozen! :-D) yogurt. 
Jayana had eggplant vegetarian lasagna and pear-glazed pork fillets with fried vegetables. 
Luna are making bread for later - although they forgot to download the recipe and the scales don't work with the motion, so will see how it turns out!
Out of the Woods regime is mainly soups for the first two nights. Minestrone and lentil. Yummy!
As presenting in the Downwind Sailing video from the ARC web site: 
“Cruisers vs racers: cruisers tries to keep everything in one piece for as long as possible, where racers will find the fastest way to break everything onboard.”
Confirmed racers: Take Off, Toucan. Alexa is another potential candidate. LOL! 
Take Off: Only after a few hours after the start on Sunday our batteries were quickly running low. Our hydrogenerator (Remoran) is not working obliging us to run the generator every 3 hrs (crossing fingers we have enough diesel). Last night the furling halyard snatched. As we fixed this first thing this morning, the halyard got stuck in the propeller of the water generator. In order to fix this, we had to take down the jib. This one lived it’s own life like a teenager and decided to drop out at the top. Our amazing Anna was hoisted (in the huge waves) up to the top and fixed it. Meanwhile we managed to free the halyard from the propeller and hoist the jib. By 3pm after the hassel we hoisted the gennacker and what an amazing sailing!
Just as we were relaxing did we see that the lazy jacks on the port side was on its way to play us a joke. As we were to fix it, it snatched just in front of our eyes! Ok who goes up the mast this time? We decided to go for it later as we enjoyed the gennacker for the moment. But nor did that last very long… An hour later the halyard to the gennacker snatched too! All crew, even the kids, upon deck to take in the gennacker from the water. And off course where did the sock to the gennacker get stuck into?… the Remoran! That is even not working. As we now could not enjoy the gennacker, Jörgen did not want to be worse than Anna and went up the mast for the snatched lazy jacks. This one is now fixed too. I guess a normal sailing day on Take Off…
Toucan: Things have also been breaking faster than we could have been fixing, but now there is only the spinnakers left in the queue. The list of breakages is long. Simple examples include the lazy bag ropes, which broke on both side during consecutive days. Required visits to the mast. Main sail needed more tape and we even had the sewing machine on deck for it. Jannika did some nice stitches. The spinnaker pole mast bracket broke and fixing it required inventive use of the drill, 4 pop rivets, 2 small rope eyes and a length of Dyneema. A batten from the main broke, fixed with duck tape and Sika. So I guess normal Atlantic sailing. A bigger mystery was a small bucket (5 l) of water in the bilge. No theory yet how that happened.
Alexa: We have had some challenges. Windex lost on the first night and on day two we got a damaged kick, so now we cant adjust it anylonger. Our Raymarine plotters, suddenly came with a warning saying unexpected software update - and then our autopilot then suddently stopped and turned towards north - not great when you’re heading south with a preventer..
ARC Weather Report
I received a question regarding the location of the zones AA, BB, … A map is included on the USB key that was handed to you a few days before the skipper’s briefing. But in a nutshell: 
N of 22deg30, from East to West. AA E of 17deg30, then BB, CC, DD, EE, FF each +7.5 lat W. (25W, 32.5W, etc.)
N of 17deg30, from East to West. GG E of 25W, then HH, II, JJ, KK, LL each +7.5 lat W. (32.5W, 40W, 47.5W, etc.)
S of 17deg30, from East to West, MM, E of 25W, then NN, OO, PP, QQ, RR each +7.5lat W, (32.5W, 40W, 47.5W, etc.) 
146 Mbps download, 32 Mbps upload, 69ms latency from 24.57N, 19.50W, 55h after departure and 200nm from any land.
From Max of Out of the Woods: I went to the zoo the other day. There was only one animal in it. It was a dog. It was a shitzu.
Why don’t pirates take a shower before they walk the plank?
They just wash up on shore.
A woman gets on a bus with her baby. The bus driver says: “Ugh, that’s the ugliest baby I’ve ever seen!” The woman walks to the rear of the bus and sits down, fuming. She says to a man next to her: “The driver just insulted me!” The man says: “You go up there and tell him off. Go on, I’ll hold your monkey for you.”
To all: Don’t forget the kids SSB net tomorrow is at 1300UTC on 4B. 
Maël : I am so excited that I’ve partially realized my dream of fishing in the Atlantic and catching something. We have caught a baby female mahi-mahi of 64cm. But to catch it, we also slowed down the boat to go around 5-6 knots so the fishes could catch up with us. Its not big but still enough for us to have a good lunch, I can’t wait to see your catches! I can’t wait to see you guys back at St-Lucia.  Do not forget to say thanks at life for the fish you caught. If your boat gets a yellow fin tuna: Its the best fish and you are lucky. #BestMomentOfMyLife
If you want to participate, just send whatever’s on your mind to me and your stories and they will be included in the next edition of this EN ROUTE magazine. 
If you want to opt out, let me know and I’ll stop polluting your data stream. 
Participating yachts for this edition: Alexa, Toucan, TakeOff, Luna, Jayana, Out of the Woods,
Listeners: Luna, Take Off, Toucan, Alexa, Starry Knight, Ellinora, Oyai, Luna, Good Fellow, SIMA, Toucan

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