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Jayana - An elf visits us

December 1st. An elf brought Christmas hats and decorations today. He even tried to help us catch a fish as we had a hit on our lure about 2 minutes after setting the line. Whatever that was chewed on the line and cut it clean, so we're down 8 lures since our departure. Our fishing inventory is starting to get pretty low! Yesterday morning, we lost a 5-6' monster (tuna or billfish) and our favorite Black Bart lure. We had a consolation prize with a 1m long wahoo at the end of the day, so we were able to have a sashimi appetizer.

Almost all systems aboard are functional. We only lost the port navigation light (light is functioning, voltage is only 6V at the light) and the main engine alternator. During the day, the sunshine is enough to keep all systems functional and we run the generator a bit at night.

Our wind is still light, only 8-9 knots (TWS) which is barely enough to keep our spinnaker in the air in those 3-4' waves. We're hopeful that it'll pick up so we can sail faster than 4 knots.



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