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Jayana - Day 7: Sunshine, finally!

After a daunting day with a lot of motoring, we have finally found the trade winds. They are quite week (~7-10 knots) but enough for us to unleash the Monster, our huge spinaker, to carry us at 6 knots.

This morning at sunrise, a sailing cruise ship arrived at 12 knots and stopped next to our position. They then hoisted their sails for a 3.6 knots sailing speed. They apparently ordered a sunny day with calm sea and we're enjoying our first sunshine since departure.

Since the sea is calm and the morale is excellent, the captain demonstrated how to do body drag behind the boat. No crew members were brave enough to try it out. Bunch of wimps! At least, they made a beer/guacamole/chips/orzo salad lunch. Mmmmm....

In the afternoon, we witnessed the scheduled flight of Air Jayana. Our drone captured some dramatic movie sequences of the Monster. Next flight is already prepared, but it's going to be timed with a school of dolphins playing at the bow. We are also on the lookout for mermaids: the depth alarm is set at 5 meters as well as the underwater camera. As the storytellers told us, mermaids come playing around the boat to charm the unsuspected sea men. We are working hard to bring back a proof that they were circling Jayana in the Atlantic ocean.

We ran out of luck tonight. The wind died and we had to resume our motoring at 5.0 knots. Our alternator woes continue as we are still without charging while under way.

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