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Hanse Sailor
Owner Andrew Brock
Design Hanse
Length Overall 15 m 5 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number

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Hanse Sailor - Last full day

“15:10,13 58:53,26W”Last full day on the water we think with different crew effected in different ways , some saying that they are looking forward to getting back to their loved ones and others saying they are not looking forward to the life in the rat race and back to what they don't want to do for the rest of life . one will hopefully be changing his life for the better after the 4 weeks with us and realising that there is more to life after talking between us . Lives are changed at sea and i hope that we have helped people look at theirs and come to appreciate what they have and what they could have and others to know that they only live once so go out and live it. Its hard to remove yourselves from day to day life and assess what is and isn't important to you . Loved ones ay home. read more...


Hanse Sailor - Shrouds less 2

“15:47,27 56:57,50W” 256 miles to go to Saint Lucia after a great run yesterday we had our showers our meal and a relax timejust to be confronted with 1st port baby shroud giving where i had the idea ofchanging over the starboard to the port as we were on a port tack . climbing upand onto port shroud and undoing dropping into sea so the guys could get thebroken one back was a bit of a problem with the 7 meter swells . great all donetime to go onto starboard and remove that baby shroud but first i wanted to puta couple of anchor lines to support the middle of the mast . BANG and thestarboard baby gives way and im down the mast the fastest i have done it in along way . spinnaker sheet up and over spreader around mast and back to a portcleat and then repeated on the other side gave us that. read more...


Hanse Sailor - Fish 3 Crew 0

“17:13,79 52:35,69W” We have the best team of fisherman on board thisyear    “Fish 3”   “crew 0”, evening started off wellwith a lot of photos of everyone mucking around and having a great time and thenthe great thrill of catching a very big Mahi mahi  just to get it on deckbefore it said “not this time “ as it slipped from the hands of our residentfisherman and waved good buy . Oh well we need the practice, as you may rememberwe lost a nice sailfish a few days ago. so we re hooked our rod and set aboutsetting it again only to have a helms do a 360 pirouette backwards so that theline wrapped around the keel and we tried  to fish like that for thenight  (doesn't work we can vouch for that .)  So after a removal weset about only to be lucky. read more...


Hanse Sailor - Spinniker up again Great fun

“18:13,20 49:51,58W” We have had our spinniker up all yesterday after a bit of freaky weatherwhich came from all directions and made it just about impossible to keepanything up. Now downwind and in the 9s and 10s so all happy that we are chasinga lot of yachts and getting past a few according to the position reports . nextshortage of wind will be in 2 days so says the weather forecast . Soon will dropand go for our daily swim and bath right here 680 miles from the nearest coast.o it is so good just lying in the water while the yacht pulls you along andcools you down. we had 42 in the sun yeatreday so you could imagine the reliefwhen we went yesterday . could be same today in a couple of hours so will godipping if we can persuade the speed freaks  to allow us to drop thekite . read more...


Hanse Sailor - Spinniker up

“20:16,49 46:27,86W” Getting 5 knots now after 0 for last 12 hours . made bad decision to stayup north, unlike last year where i benefited from it . have had engine on for 20out of 24 hours but we are short of fuel now so are heading down to hopefullypick up the trade winds . Water is fine and food is plentiful , just the coupleof people who have 14th flights are getting a bit worried . all the rest of usare quite happy to float down , but the rum punch is calling so well lets justbash on and try to sail when we have anything above 4 knots and motor belowthat. had sunbathing lessons from the girls today but not to good at sittingaround so lasted about 3 hours only . bread been made . pasta for dinner ,weather watching and just a great time to relax and think of life and how luckywe are .. read more...

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