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Hanse Sailor - Fish 3 Crew 0

“17:13,79 52:35,69W”
We have the best team of fisherman on board this year    “Fish 3”   “crew 0”, evening started off well with a lot of photos of everyone mucking around and having a great time and then the great thrill of catching a very big Mahi mahi  just to get it on deck before it said “not this time “ as it slipped from the hands of our resident fisherman and waved good buy . Oh well we need the practice, as you may remember we lost a nice sailfish a few days ago. so we re hooked our rod and set about setting it again only to have a helms do a 360 pirouette backwards so that the line wrapped around the keel and we tried  to fish like that for the night  (doesn't work we can vouch for that .)  So after a removal we set about only to be lucky enough to catch yet another Mahi Mahi . This time no getting away Paddy agreed . Seeing this lovely fish coming toward us was a sight soon to be over ridden by a O S??. as Mahi Mahi said good buy again . The hook came free yet again. After a quick team meeting everyone agreed that we should change to 3 prong from single, so lets see what that dose for us .
The other thing that seams to be going around the yacht is nails been painted on who ever falls asleep and that means everyone . I've removed it twice and yet again I wake up with red toe nail . Thanks guys I've been trying to show my feminine side for many years . I thought that I had hidden all the bottles last time. 

We also know that when you make a spinnaker made for a 45 foot 14 tonne yacht it doesn't hold up to a 50 foot 19 tonne yacht demonstrated this morning with a old one I was given to use in stronger winds .

Thanks for the use of it , I now have 2 if you want them back .
Besides all the drama daily we are all getting along really well . no organised over boards at this stage. No walk the plank and no food poisoning so all is great . Food great, winds great, company great and sun sea swimming ,showers and our yacht Hanse Sailor performing fabulously . come on Saint Lucia
Talk over next few days if sat phone credit still good  

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