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Hanse Sailor - Spinniker up again Great fun

“18:13,20 49:51,58W”
We have had our spinniker up all yesterday after a bit of freaky weather which came from all directions and made it just about impossible to keep anything up. Now downwind and in the 9s and 10s so all happy that we are chasing a lot of yachts and getting past a few according to the position reports . next shortage of wind will be in 2 days so says the weather forecast . Soon will drop and go for our daily swim and bath right here 680 miles from the nearest coast. o it is so good just lying in the water while the yacht pulls you along and cools you down. we had 42 in the sun yeatreday so you could imagine the relief when we went yesterday . could be same today in a couple of hours so will go dipping if we can persuade the speed freaks  to allow us to drop the kite  for an hour or so .
140 miles yesterday so happy with that . Last of the beer in fridge for last day if we can stop Rob drinking it , a few bottles of red and a few of rose and white still in cellar so we will be ok for last few days . NO its not a booze cruise but a finely oiled racing team trip . the foods very good and everyone is taking part in the work, helming and consuming of all food and drink.
Cheers to everyone and watch our final 4 days as we approach St Lucia  
Dont forget there are spaces on the St lucia to Antigua trip 5th to 12th jan  also mount gay rum 2 weeks 14th to 27th jan and other on our website

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